5 Fast Steps on How to Hang Curtains on a Metal Door

Have you ever seen any beautified metal door without any curtains covering it? How to hang curtains on a metal door is one of the easiest things to do. To get started, you need the necessary materials, and then follow the steps below. 

Materials needed for hanging curtains on a metal door include; drapery hooks, magnetic curtain rods, ladder, measuring tape, curtains, and scissors.


Steps on Hanging Curtains on a Metal Door 

Step #1: Measure the Dimensions of the Metal Door

Get the measurement of the length and width of the metal door to ensure how long the curtains will be and how wide the curtain will cover the door. With these measurements, you will know the exact length of the curtains that you will hang.

Step #2: Fix the Drapery Hooks to the Curtains

Depending on the type of curtains made available, fix the drapery hooks to the curtain. The drapery hook is where you will pass the curtain rods across. 

Step #3: Get the Magnetic Curtain Rods Ready

Since it’s a metal door, the use of magnetic curtain rods is applied. There is no need to get an anchor where you will fix the curtain rods. The rods are magnetic. Once fixed, remain where you fix it.

Step #4: Fix the Curtains With the Magnetic Rods 

You fix the curtains to the rods, and you take them closer to the metal door. Get the ladder ready to climb at the height at which you place the curtains. 

Step #5: Hang the Curtains 

The curtains fixed to the curtain rods are placed on the door that you map out. Depending on the curtains’ type, you pass the curtain rod across the hooks. It serves as an anchor, while magnetic curtain rods do not require an anchor, as seen in the figure below. 

Is it Important to Hang Curtains on a Metal? 

Absolutely, YES! In the figure above, we can deduce that the curtains provide shade against sunlight and provide ventilation through the tiny space. The essence of building a house is to be comfortable. Hence, hanging curtains is one of the properties that can keep you comfortable.

How to hang curtains on a metal door is very easy to carry out. You can maintain it since it’s a drapery material that you can wash. 

These curtains hung on the metal door are the first site of attention when you get to people’s doorstep. The outside view will give an insight into how the inside will look. It will help you to know how to comfort yourself. 

What is the Cost of Hanging Curtains on a Metal Door? 

The cost of hanging curtains on a metal door is not so high. $30 or less can get you a perfect curtain for your view pleasure and maybe $40 for other miscellaneous materials you will need. $80 will be enough for you to install curtains on the metal door. 

Once you can build a house and install metal doors, then hanging curtains won’t be a big deal. Get the materials ready and follow the steps on how to install curtains on a metal door diligently.

Which Among Using Drapery Hooks and Magnetic Curtain Rods is Most Preferred? 

How to hang curtains on a metal door is very easy and at the same time can be difficult depending on the knowledge you have. Most people use drapery hooks because it is more straightforward.

The only material required is the hooks and the curtains. When these are ready, you can sit comfortably and fix the hooks on the curtains and pass the rods through the curtains and hang. 

Magnetic curtain rods are made of magnets and require an expert to fix them. It is more attractive to use magnetic curtain rods, but it is less used since most people do not understand its steps. 

It is rather good to be on a safer side and still get what you want than to venture into what you’re not sure is correct.

How Long Will you Leave Hung Curtains on a Metal Door? 

The choice is yours to make. It is essential to buy durable drapery fabric to last for a while. Since it absorbs sunlight and even extreme cold, it is liable to get old quickly.

Therefore, buy thick fabric that can absorb sunlight basically and still look new when it’s washed. Some people leave theirs for a year and change the curtains. But the highest it should stay is two years. After two years, it is old enough to be changed. 


Curtains are the major interior decor considered before every other property since it is seen both in and outside the house. How to hang curtains on a metal door, as we have described earlier, is not far-fetched.

If you’re willing to change the curtains on your metal door because they are old or because you want a new one, get your curtains ready, get other equipment ready, and begin to work. Follow the steps on how to hang curtains on a metal door and get yourself a fantastic look on your metal doors and possibly windows.