How to Hang Curtains on a Canopy Bed? 4 Simple Steps!

Many people see a canopy bed as a glamorous and romantic thing. In this DIY project, you will learn how to hang curtains on a canopy bed. The origin of canopy beds dates back to the middle ages.

Historically, people use canopy curtains to deter harmful insects and pests from climbing onto them on the bed while sleeping. However, nowadays, the reason why a lot of people put up canopy beds in their homes varies. Some do because it adds elegance and beauty and makes the bed cozy while you sleep. 

how to hang curtains on a canopy bed

Steps on Hanging Canopy Bed

The first-ever step when you plan on how to hang curtains on a canopy bed is to get the material ready. Measure the canopy bed to ascertain its length and width before purchasing the curtains.

You will need:

  • Paint
  • Rope
  • Panels of sheer curtains
  • Nail clips
  • Iron

Step #1: Getting Ready

When you plan on how to curtains on a canopy bed, the first step is making sure all the things you need are ready.

Get your curtain material ready. You can buy lightweight curtain material from any store near to you, or you can order online.

Once you have your curtain material, use iron to straighten it. This ensures that the curtain looks good and well kept when you install it on the canopy bed.

Note: the reason why you need to iron the curtain is to remove the creases.

Step #2: Attach the Rope

By now, you must have made your canopy bed. That is, your canopy bed should be ready. 

If you use a nail clip to hold the rope, you will need to make a drill. Depending on the material the canopy skeleton is made of.

Now using tape, measure the canopy bed’s width and length and then measure out the rope. Cut out the measured rope and then proceed to the next step.

Step #3: Fix the Curtain

Now, you will have to put the rope through the curtain. Once you are done fixing the rope on the curtain, you will then approach the canopy frame and attach it. You can tie it to avoid loosening.

If the canopy bed frame is made of wood, you can use a drill and fix the curtain with nail clips.

Step #4: Finish up

The last step on how to hang curtains on a canopy bed is finishing up. Use the paint to do some finishing on the canopy bed frame. The paint should be the same color as your curtain to match.


How do I Install Bed Canopy?

If you follow the simple step-by-step guide below, you will learn how to install a canopy bed in your home without any stress.

Step #1: Choose the right canopy. Here, you need to choose the right canopy you want. Canopies come in different sizes, colors, and materials.

Step #2: Choose your Placement. Next, you will need to choose the location where you will place the canopy. 

Step #3: install the canopy material

Step #4: Next, you will need to attach the canopy.


Why do I Need a Canopy Bed?

A lot of people often have different reasons for wanting a canopy bed. While originally it offers warmth and privacy for the sleeping space, it also makes the room more unique and cozy.


Installing a Canopy Bed Will Make my Room Smaller?

Canopy beds come in different sizes and materials. You can find wooden and metal canopy beds. When you live in a small room, installing a wooden canopy bed may occupy more space.

In that sense, it is advisable to go for metal canopy beds. That said, it is recommended to know the size of your room before going for any canopy bed.

How Tall Should a Canopy Bed be?

The standard height for every canopy bed is 86.75 (220 cm). The width is 84.25, which is approximately 214 cm, while the length is between the range of 64.25 to 80.25 (163 to 204 cm) 

The platform height is approximately 15 (38 cm).

Can I Use a Regular Curtain for my Canopy Beds?

The answer is No. it is not advisable to use a regular curtain on your canopy bed. To get the best out of your canopy bed, we recommend using sheer curtains. This is because sheer curtains are light, easy to see through, allows light and air to pass through.


How do I Hang my Canopy Curtains Without Drilling?

Canopy beds add coziness to the room. It makes your sleeping space more private within the room. You can use peel and stick hanging hardware and a wire hook. Making this may be a bit difficult, but it is worth it. 


Can I Turn my Existing Bed Into a Canopy Bed?

The answer to the question is yes. You can turn your existing regular bed into a canopy bed. You will need to attach a canopy frame, which may be rods: metal or wooden rods. 


I hope this write-up has widened your horizon on how to hang curtains on a canopy bed. The steps I shared in this article are simple and easy to follow. You don’t need to be a professional before you can hang your canopy bed. So wait no more, get some sheer curtain and start making a canopy curtain.

how to unwrinkle curtains

How To Unwrinkle Curtains? 6 Awesome Tips!

How to unwrinkle curtains? Don’t worry; you’ll know as you read along!

One of the beautifying things is having a set of colorful curtains hanging at our windows.

But it was always a big problem for us every time we bought new ones from malls or if it was fresh from the laundry because it got wrinkled.

Well, this article will help you get rid of that problem.

So, read on!


Tips To Unwrinkle Curtains

Here are some tips on how to unwrinkle curtains:


Tip #1. Using your steamer

The easiest way to fix your wrinkled curtain is by using your steamers at home.

By filling your steamer with enough water, follow its user manual and turn it on.

Then start to aim the steamer at its wrinkled part from top to bottom and repeat until it becomes smooth.

Curtains have different fabrics, so you have to do it over again until satisfied.


Tip #2. Using wrinkled released products

Some products are available at your local department stores, which are specially made for wrinkled fabrics such as your curtains.

All you have to do is ask the mall’s salesperson for this particular product, and they will give you options of what you want.


Tip #3. Using spray with plain water

Find a clean spray bottle and fill it with enough plain water and directly spray it in the wrinkled parts of the curtain until it is moist.

Then let it hang and air dry. The wrinkled curtain will fix because the weight of the water will be enough to straighten the crumpled part.


Tip #4. Using iron

Some curtains are difficult to fix because of their stubbornness.

But with the use of iron, it can remove the wrinkle by putting such on the iron table and slowly move it around the crumpled part.

This type of method takes time, yet it has the best result.


Tip #5. Using dryer

Before putting the curtains inside your dryer, it is best to dampen it with a wet cloth. Then, with enough moisture, put your curtain inside the dryer with medium heat and let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes.

After the said time, if the curtain is still wet, add another 5 to 10 minutes to dry thoroughly.


Tip #6. Asked help from dry cleaners

Some professionals know how to handle wrinkled curtain problems.

They know what to do, and they can fix it quickly without you getting tired and stress.

The best way to solve your wrinkled curtain problem is always to read and follow the directions on the label from all the tips mentioned.

It gives the correct instruction for the proper care of the fabric.


Different Fabric Options

Every curtain has different fabrics such as silk, polyester, cotton, velvet, and lace.


Option #1. Silk

This kind of fabric talks about luxury, and it is susceptible.

Therefore, you have to handle it with proper care, so it requires dry cleaning only and avoids exposing it to the sun, which can easily damage it.


Option #2. Polyester

It is the most common type of fabric because of its durability and cheapness. In addition, it is a customer choice because it is easy to maintain.

To avoid wrinkles, you have to immediately remove it from the dryer while it is still moist.

When using iron, low heat should need because it can quickly melt.


Option #3. Cotton

It is a very light kind of fabric, and it offers versatility because it gives a different style.

Cold and mild water is the best while washing cotton fabrics, and it should wash by hand to avoid shrinking.


Option #4. Velvet

It is a thick and heavy kind of fabric that helps to block the sun and sound.

A steamer is the best way to remove wrinkles in this fabric because using iron may damage it.


Option #5. Lace

It offers a romantic and traditional aura because it lessens the room’s natural light, and it gives an airy feeling.

A washing machine is not recommended because of its delicateness.

If necessary, avoid using an iron.

Some fabrics may melt or burn, and some can easily scorch.

So, if the directions state that do not iron the fabric, then tip number four will worsen the situation.

There are also heat settings allowed for every fabric.

You have to follow what is stated on the label to avoid further damage.

The wrinkled curtain has different kinds of fabrics, and there are various ways to care for each one of them properly.



You have to follow the specific guidelines on every fabric for you to get the best result.

However, some of them are cost-effective, where you can easily found inside your home.

Some offer home remedy techniques for you not to hire professionals anymore.

The best way to fix your wrinkled curtain is to check the manufacturers’ instructions stated on every label.

It has a step-by-step process for you to follow to save time, money, and effort.

Reading the label on the curtains is always a good idea to know what is best to treat the fabric.

Nevertheless, that is how to unwrinkle curtains.

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