How To Hang Curtains In Apartment? In 5 Awesome Ways!

Do you know how to hang curtains in apartment? If not, then you’re just in the right place. There are a few easy ways that I will share with you as you read along.

I know- you can relate to how challenging it is to have rental units.

Just come to think about your desire to decorate your place according to your preference.

Making your apartment look what you want it to be will definitely make you feel at home.

But then, you should consider some limitations and restrictions, one of which is the prohibition to make holes in the wall.

What if you would want to place curtains?

That’s exactly why I want to share the different ways you can hand curtains in your rental unit with you.

You will know some of the most affordable and simple solutions without the risk of damaging the walls.


Ways To Hang Curtains In Apartment

Hey, stop worrying, my friend!

Here are the ways on how to hang curtains in apartment:


#1. Using command hooks

This method is the perfect option if you have lightweight curtains.

Well, command hooks are pretty affordable; there’s no way you should spend a lot just for hanging your beautiful curtains.

Not only that, but you can do it yourself.

Since you can apply it with a breeze, you don’t need any assistance from someone.

Anyway, this hook comes in various sizes and shapes. So, depending upon your need, you can choose the most appropriate hook.

Take note of this, though:

A larger hook is perfect for holding a rod.

On the other hand, a smaller hook is ideal for curtains equipped with clips.

The use of command hooks is not only limited to hanging your curtains.

That only means that you can use it for attaching almost anything to the apartment’s wall, from shelves to pictures, just name it!

Perhaps, the biggest challenge when using this method is the weight of the thing you’ll hang on to.

Obviously, it will fall off if it can’t hold the weight, such as if it’s overloaded.

So, you should check the label. See the capacity of the hook you’ve chosen.


#2. Using tension rods

Another cheap and easy solution to hanging curtains in the apartment is to use a tension curtain rod.

Since it’s adjustable, you’re sure that it can fit between the walls.

There’s really no need to customize as it comes in different sizes and, as mentioned, is adjustable.

Much more, both ends have rubber tips, so you won’t have to worry about damaging or scraping the window.

You can also select from different colors available in the market; I’m sure you can find something that can suit your style and compliment your unit.

Perhaps, the main drawback about using this method is that it’s limited only to lightweight curtains.

Using it in thicker and heavier curtains or drapes may lead it to collapse in no time.

It’s not only the time you will waste to fix it all over again; it might also leave hideous marks on the walls.


#3. Having twist and fit curtain rods

You may think that it’s the same with tension rods.

However, this kind of rod doesn’t require you to attach it to the wall.

So, how will it able to hang your curtains, you ask?

You can secure it across the window.

Then, adjust it to the window’s frame.

This rod is easy to install, and it has various styles to complement your desired décor.

Dependent on the twist & fit rod you’ve bought, it usually works well with light to medium weight curtains.

Don’t worry, though.

It may be ideal for heavier curtains too.


#4. Having fit shades

In seconds and with a push of a button, I’m sure you can completely install this shade in no time.

This shade can lock in place, so it’s perfect for those who want to hand their curtains the easiest way.

You can customize it; it comes with different styles, colors, and fabrics.

And if you’re also wanting a little privacy or some light to enter your place, you can choose from various options in the market.

Yes, I tell you! This method is the best way to hang your curtains without the risk of damaging them.

Although it costs quite expensive, it’s still worth it!

What’s more, it looks more sophisticated and elegant than any other options out there.


#5. Using kwik-hang curtain rod brackets

Without a doubt, it isn’t easy to look for stylish yet sturdy window treatments for you’re apartment.

The good news is that this rod bracket is made with you in mind.

All you need to do is to tap it above your window trim.

Yes, that’s all you should do, and you’re set to hang your favorite curtains; there’s no need to drill or screw!


Final Wrap!

You have five different ways on how to hang curtains in apartment.

Hopefully, you’ve already chosen what you like.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your place as you’ve designed it according to your preference without the risk of damaging anything.

Have a great day, my friends!