How To Hang Curtains In A Rental Apartment? 5 Easy Methods!

You might not own the place and wondering how to hang curtains in a rental apartment.

There are five easy methods that you can try; and these you will know as you read further.

how to hang curtains in a rental apartment

Indeed, many landlords give out their rules upon entering their apartment.

You cannot make a drill or do a makeover without asking first permission from them.

It sometimes irritates you because, in your mind, you want to make your place a little cozier.

Are you dreaming of having a beautiful curtain hanging in a windowpane, matching it with pieces of furniture?

Or you are making your rented apartment a home that will make you feel happier than living within the four walls.

Here you will learn how to decorate your place, especially the windows with beautiful curtains.

I’m sure, through this, you can add great ambiance to your home without breaking any rules and regulations or destruction to the property.

There are simple methods you will learn, and eventually, you will use them as an option to hang your curtains.


Methods To Hang Curtains In Rental Apartment

Here are the different methods on how to hang curtains in a rental apartment without resulting in any damage if you want to save your deposit money.

A big no-no to make a hole in the wall or any damage to the property.

But never lose hope.

Here you will find the solution to your problem.

With these methods, both parties will be happy.

You will be a satisfied renter turning the place into your dream home and the landlord for preserving his property in good condition.


Method #1. Using command hooks

They are cheaper, sturdy, easy to use, and different designs and sizes to match your needs.

This hook has a specific weight capacity so take note of it.

See the package for the prescribed weight.

As for package instructions, before you install it on the wall, make sure that the wall is clean and dry.

Just remove the tape and hook it on the wall.

Wait for an hour to let the adhesive stick evenly on the wall. And another hour or two before putting on the rod.

You can easily remove it without damaging the paintwork.


Method #2. Utilizing tension rod

Another affordable and fast way to do it is to do it ourselves when hanging curtains using this rod.

It fits nicely in both walls, can be adjusted, and has rubber tips to protect scratches to window walls.

Not just that, but it is also completely removable with more colors to choose from.

And that means you can harmonize the color scheme of your room.

Same with command hooks, but this method is only applicable to a lighter curtain.

Regardless, insert both ends of the rod to the side of each wall or frame, adjust according to its width to ensure that it fits well.


Method #3. Twist and fit curtain rod

This style is almost the same in tension rod, but you do not need to attach, twist and fit both ends to the wall.

But it is mount over the window and adapted to the window frame.

First, remove the left end bracket out of the thicker rod, then insert desired curtains then reattached the bracket.

Twist the rod to unlock, extend the rod on your right up to the desired length, then lock it.

Position the rod up to its place and secure it by twisting the end bracket towards the window.

It can be removed easily and can’t cause any damage, reverse the installation in removing the rod.

Easy to install and have different styles you can choose anytime.

Here is an article that teaches you more about curtain rods.


Method #4. Fit shades

You can do these fit shades for just a minute.

A light push of the bottom and it latch it on a place.

It will not cause any damage to the wall, but these fit shades are much costly than the others.

You have choices of textiles, designs, and colors.

You don’t need a rod in installing these to the windows.

These shades or blinds will also add color to your place with many prints, designs, textures, or materials to choose from.

Now, you have more options to make your home a better place to live.


Method #5. Making use of Kwik-Hang brackets

These brackets can hold a heavier curtain, connect it to a window frame, and you can dangle your curtain in the fastest way.

For a second, you can hang your curtain without too much hassle.

I just attached the hook at the upper end portion of the window frame.

That is, it’s all done. Simple and easy.



So there are no more worries about how to hang curtains in a rental apartment.

Restrictions won’t stop you from designing the place you want to call home.

For curtains make a huge difference in the appearance of your room and the whole place.

It gives you the privacy you want and the comfort that makes the area a great place to stay.

Now you will enjoy the feeling that you have done something extraordinary in your rented apartment.

Do not stick entirely to only one tip or direction, for in every rule, there is an exemption. That is, find the means to make your dreams come true.

A beautiful place to live that you call your own.

Decorating is a self-fulfilling task, and making your apartment a bit more like home is a fantastic job.

So good luck!