How To Hang Curtains And Valance? 5 Easy Steps!

One excellent and stunning way of dressing your windows is by layering your curtain panels with a valance, but how to hang curtains and valance?

In creating a window treatment using those pieces, you need to make sure that they will be cohesive.

how to hang curtains and valance

In other words, you need to plan it properly. Read below to know the key steps in hanging curtains and valance.

But before anything else…


What Is A Valance?

When we say a valance, it is a window treatment that adds charm to your décor. It only covers the upper portion of the window pane.

They come in an array of designs and styles, so you can easily choose which one will compliment your existing interior décor.

Using this is also a wise move if you want to conceal the hardware of your curtain.

Before you begin hanging your beautiful window treatments, you first have to make sure that you have the appropriate tool to get the job right.


Selecting The Style Of Your Valance

Choosing the right valance style can make a huge difference in the outcome of your design.

You may choose from the two main valance styles below.


#1. Pole-Mounted Valance

Such a type of valance is sewn into the heading style of your choice.

Perhaps, you are after a casual and relaxed look; then you should choose this type.


#2. Board-Mounted Valance

Another type of valance can be hanged from a flat board allowing the fabric to evenly drop compared to when it is hanged from a rod.

Its minimalistic structure is great for sleek and modern designs.


5 Steps To Hang Curtains And Valance

Now let us go back to your question, how to hang curtains and valance?


Step #1. Preparing the things needed

First of all, you need to gather all the materials needed for this project.

This includes a tape measure, drill, pencil, valance rod, screws, curtain rod, and level.

You will also need to prepare your wall-mounting brackets.


Step #2. Choosing and installing the right hardware

The brackets for the curtain must measure half the valance bracket’s length.

Using your pencil, put a mark for the placement of your 1st bracket. The curtain rod must be placed higher.

After putting the mark, get your level to make sure that the brackets are aligned.

Drill them with screws into the wall if they are even already.


Step #3. Installing valance brackets

Like how you did in the previous step, start measuring and marking the placement of the brackets for the valance.

It must sit right above your curtain rod.

Please make sure that they are aligned before drilling.


Step #4. Hanging the curtain

Slide the curtain or the curtain rings onto the rod.

After that, you can hang the curtain rod onto the brackets mounted on the wall.


Step #5. Hanging your valance

Now insert the rod through the valance or attach them using any curtain hardware.

Then, hang the valance rod onto the brackets.

Adjust them accordingly to ensure that the valance fabric will be evenly spread out.


Helpful Tips To Consider To Hang Curtains And Valance

When choosing, these two must be considered because you have to make sure your valance will flawlessly blend with your curtain design.

Remember the following tips:


#1. Modern valance mounted on the board

In creating a modern valance mounted on a board, you need to avoid pleating.

The pleats provide detail and curvature that may not blend well in a contemporary or minimalistic space.


#2. Relaxed valance

In creating a relaxed valance to be mounted on board, you may opt for traditional heading styles such as box and pinch pleats.

That is because their structured look can deliver a more casual appearance.

For informal spaces, scalloped valances can work great.


#3. Formal valance

To make a formal valance, choose those styles that will feature sweeping fabrics falling gently from the lumber board.

Shawl style or swag valance can provide such drama due to their heavyweight.


#4. Modern valance mounted in a pole

For a modern valance mounted in a pole, you can choose from two options.

It’s either you use a simple and flat valance panel of a grommet heading.

The former can offer a sleek look, while the latter can let the curtains hang in loose and wild folds for a uniform and neat design.


#5. Traditional valance

In creating a pole-mounted traditional valance, heading styles like inverted boxes and pinch pleats can work best.

You can hang them through curtain rings to create a more elevated look since its structured pleats can offer an overall relaxed look.


#6. Rustic valance

It would help if you chose a heading style for a rustic pole-mounted valance that will hide the rod-like tab tops of rod pockets.


It’s A Wrap!

Dressing windows with curtains and valances is very popular since they are available in an array of weights and colors.

Now that you already know how to hang curtains and valance, for sure you can achieve the look that you desire for your curtains.

Just remember before you start the installation process, you have to make sure that the curtain rod will support the weight of your window treatment.

Heavier curtains materials demand heavier curtains rods.