How To Hang Crisscross Curtains? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you know what are and how to hang crisscross curtains? A crisscross curtain is similar to the Priscilla curtain design.

These broader curtains characterize this curtain style with a curled, elegant vibe that is ideal for French, country-style, and trendy home decorations.

how to hang crisscross curtains

These are perfect for your home to look extravagant and stylish as well.

Crisscross curtains are stringed up on a double curtain rod with curtain hooks to produce an overlapping look on the top half and create a relaxing silhouette.

It is easy to make this type of curtain design.

For you know the steps on how you can hang crisscross curtains and some unpopular facts about it, keep on reading!


Steps To Hang Crisscross Curtains At Home

How to hang crisscross curtains?

Here are five steps you need to learn and remember on how you should hang curtains:


Step#1. Ready your materials and tools

First off, you need to prepare the things you will need before doing this action.

Materials such as curtains, curtain rods, brackets, materials for measurement, and like are required to make crisscross curtains possible.


Step #2. Measure your windowpane

To ensure that you have suitable rods and curtains, measure the size of the frame and windows.

Next, measure the window’s width to calculate the length of the rod.

The width of every panel must be as wide or greater than the width of your frame.

To determine the length of the curtains, measure from where you desire to place and hang the rod.


Step #3. Install curtain brackets and rods

To install the brackets, you need to drill the wall.

After installing these, take the rods for their installation.

Take two rods for one window frame.

These two rods must be installed side by side for the curtains to hang beside one another.

However, each of the two rods must be somewhat longer than the other.

Then, close halfway up the windows, attach the tiebacks to your wall.

There, your curtains are ready to be installed.


Step #4. Hang your curtains

This step is the vital step you need to do.

Take two of your curtains and attached first only one curtain to each rod.

Next, hang the second curtain and adjust their placements.

Make sure that these two curtains are balanced to be eye-pleasing.

Moreover, adjust the pleats evenly for you to achieve nice-looking crisscross curtains afterward.


Step #5. Tieback both curtains

To produce a distinct appearance, gather each side of your curtains and tie the tieback over each side.

Pulling the curtains together to make a loose pattern in the center adds impact to how they fall.

It would be best if you still experimented with the appearance of your curtains by looking up various creative ideas.

There are a lot of designs that could help you on the internet.


Different Curtains Fabric Perfect For Making Crisscross Curtains

Lightweight types of curtains are a must in making crisscross curtains.

These will help you design your curtains easily.

Here are five types of fabric suited for making crisscross curtains:



Polyester and cotton are both fine curtain materials, but they can be used differently based on how you like your curtain.

The said material is also simple to disinfect, but they absorb odors quickly.

Moreover, these types of fabric are easy to wash and clean.

Polyester curtains do not tend to fade their color quickly.

Therefore, any weather will not affect its appearance.



Velvet fabric has a sleek cloth that looks exquisite and is regarded as the ultimate example of luxury due to its lustrous sheen.

Many people, particularly those who would like to make their interior decor an expensive look, use velvet material for their curtains.

They come in various charming tones and hues and can easily be incorporated into any style setting to make your rooms appear more sophisticated and elegant.

If you aim to achieve cozy vibes in your home, velvet fabric is for you.

Velvet-type curtains will block most sunshine and ultraviolet rays, creating a dark and inviting space for better TV watching or sleeping.



A cloth panel consisting of a transparent, transparent, translucent cloth is known as chiffon.

Chiffon allows light in and can be used alone or with sturdy drapery plates.

The curtains will add a romantic, retro feel to your walls.



Silk curtains, which give windows a more opulent look, are often seen in more formal settings.

To make their curtains and drapes, manufacturers use several different varieties of silk.

Silk is a protein fabric similar to fur, although it has irregularities since it is a natural substance.

Moreover, it is soft and relaxing to feel.



Lace is a fragile fabric crafted by machinery or by hand from yarn or thread.

Cotton thread is commonly used in lace, though linen and silk threads are still present.

Synthetic fibers may are used to make synthetic lace.

Because of its features, this is suitable for curtain homes, especially for making crisscross curtains.



To sum up, everything, crisscross curtains are easy to make in your households.

Moreover, it projects an elegant and royalty vibe that is relaxing for the people.

Crisscross curtains are needs certain types of fabrics.

These fabrics are polyester, velvet, chiffon, lace, and silk.

Since you learned about the steps on how to hang crisscross curtains and their types, it is time for you to try it out and do it yourself!

So enjoy and feel the retro vibes!