How To Hang Art Above Sofa Like A Pro Designer

We discovered the best way on how to hang art above sofa, and it’s only three steps. This article will discuss the formulas for placement and proportion to create the most stylish space above the couch. We will have also shared the best art sizes and how you can arrange multiple pieces. 

We recommend learning how to decorate the wall behind the sofa as well. Such skill will allow you to understand what goes well at the back of the couch and still look pleasing in the living room. You may even discover other decorations besides artworks. 


How Do You Hang Art Above A Couch?


Step 1. Imagine the placement

Before you hang art above the couch, imagine how it will look by propping it against the wall. If you’re using multiple artworks, have someone help you arrange them and take a quick photo of the expected finished look. You can also set the art pieces on the floor to give you a general idea of which will look the best side by side. 

It’s pretty common to use several artworks on the space above the sofa. First, however, you must know that the key to arranging multiple artwork pieces is finding similarities to link them. For example, group the pieces with the same elements on the frame or colors in the art itself. 


Step 2. Level the art pieces

Position the art above the sofa at eye level to make it easier to grab the attention of those approaching the living room. However, the size and number of artworks can also affect this level. Sometimes, it’s stylish to have art closer to the couch for an inviting feel or have the art higher than eye level if the wall is massive. 

Furthermore, you don’t immediately need to create a gallery wall above the sofa. Those who can’t decide on what pieces to choose might benefit from an oversized artwork instead. For this type of decoration, you don’t need to be meticulous in the placement because it covers a large area.


Step 3. Install the artwork on the wall securely

After deciding on the position and level of the art above the sofa, you can proceed to install it. Again, select the method that will ensure stability and security in the long run. The last thing you want is to have the frames swinging or tilting, especially when someone sits on the couch that pushes it a bit onto the wall. 

Use two D rings on the back of each artwork and install the corresponding hooks onto the wall. You can also utilize stylish hooks and rods for added security and aesthetics. After hanging the art pieces, stand back and check their placement and make the necessary adjustments.


How High Should You Hang Art Above A Sofa?

The most common rule for hanging art above the sofa, regardless of whether they are flat or not, is eye-level. This brings attention to the decorated wall while also keeping the living room together. However, make sure that you don’t place all the art pieces on one spot only.

Allocate good spacing between the artworks and above the sofa to allow the eye to rest before seeing other decorations. You can also consider having the art pieces 60 inches between the middle of the wall and the floor, depending on the size of the room and couch. Art decorations can also be 6 inches above the furniture.


How Large Should A Picture Be Over A Couch?

The size of the picture over the couch should only be ⅔ of the sofa’s width. Designers consider this as the golden rule to ensure engagement and a proportional finish. If you are using multiple artworks and pictures, the ⅔ sizing rule is still applicable because you can treat them collectively as one piece.


Gallery wall vs one large piece

Nowadays, the more popular trend is using one oversized piece of artwork above the sofa instead of a gallery wall. But because it can be hard to decide what art would work best alone, you can also use two to three pieces for a curated collection. In addition, use the existing theme of the living room when decorating over the sofa to ensure that space won’t look tacky.


Should Art Be Centered On Wall Or Over Furniture?

Art should always be centered over the furniture to create a focal point in the living room because it’s more reliable for achieving balance. On the other hand, putting the art in the middle of the wall can make it off-center above the couch. This creates an empty space on one side, which isn’t pleasing to the eyes, especially with bulky items like the sofa. 



The space above the sofa should not be empty, or else that area will look unfinished. And in this article, you have learned how to hang art above sofa according to decorating rules that designers swear by. A quick recap reveals that the art should be secured by D rings and placed centered above the sofa. 

It would help if you also used a picture as big as ⅔ of the furniture’s width. And as for its height, aim to have the artwork at eye level. We hope you learned a lot from this article, and as a bonus, check out this helpful guide on how to hang a blanket on the wall if you prefer tapestry over paintings. 


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