How To Hang A Canopy Over A Bed? 4 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wanted a bedroom that looks like it came straight out from a fairy tale and wondered, “how to hang a canopy over a bed?”

The truth is you do not have to be royalty or some sort to have a bedroom as magical and elegant as in the movies.

how to hang a canopy over a bed

You only need to choose a canopy and learn the different steps to hang it.

Thus, today, we will explore the various steps of hanging a canopy over a bed.

Ponder what specific way you would want to turn it.

Let us unleash your creativity and start styling your bedroom by hanging a canopy!


What Are The Various Styles In Hanging A Canopy?

Aside from regulating temperature, canopy beds are known to influence the aesthetic of one’s room.

The way a person hangs their bed canopy can indicate whether the bedroom is.

It may be comfortable, romantic, modern, whimsical, elegant, magical, or all of it.

In learning how to hang a canopy over a bed, one must first evaluate what placement they want.


Style #1. Traditional bed canopy

When discussing the various styles to hang a bed canopy, the first is the traditional bed canopy.

These classic canopies are often characterized by four long curtain rods secured to the ceiling and rectangular.

Each curtain rod is accompanied by fabric that hangs from the top of the room to the floor.

Also, encloses the whole bed when closed.

Generally, you can pull the portions of the canopies to the edges to provide an open feel to the bed.


Style #2. Corners

A corner canopy is a classic look that is quite identical to a traditional bed canopy.

However, one difference between the two is that the fabric in this style hangs at the bed corners and does not enclose the whole bed.

Using four rods shaped like an L, this look provides a lighter and airier appearance and feel.

In this look, a single rod is placed on every edge of the room.

And draped with fabric stretched from the top of the room to the floor.


Style #3. Round

Round canopy beds are often characterized by a huge round frame such as a curtain rod.

A hoop is around 71cm wide, or a giant embroidery hoop draped with cloth and suspended from the ceiling.

In this canopy style, the fabric like a net intended for mosquitos or sheer is draped in two portions: top and below the bed.

The material may also spread out around the bed to completely encircle it.


Style #4. Partial canopy

This look is characterized by one fabric hanging on top of the bed’s head.

Three small curtain rods are utilized to allow the curtain to hang down on both the bed’s borders and peaks in the center.


Steps To Hang A Canopy By Drilling A Hook In The Ceiling

After evaluating the perfect way to hang a canopy over a bed, you may be wondering what to do after.


Step#1. Get and mark the measurements

After establishing the placement of your canopy.

You have to take the correct measurement of the placement from the walls.

Make sure to measure all sides equally if you are planning to for a rectangle shape.

Then, mark the measurements on the ceiling using a pencil.


Step#2. Drill the ceiling

When drilling the ceiling, make sure to do it deep enough for the anchors to secure.

Make sure to use protective glasses to prevent you from getting dust in your eyes.

Also, ensure that you have drilled all of the markings that have been made on the wall.

It is easier to clean if you remove the bedsheet during this process.


Step #3. Put the anchor and the hook

After the drilling is complete, putting the anchor and the hook is your next task.

Firmly attach the hook to the anchors as tight as possible.

If you are utilizing ropes or wire, make sure that the end hooks and the front side have hooks.

Facing the opposite end hooks and the front side of the hook.

But when you use rods, know that the hooks must be parallel.


Step #4. Attach the canopy

When attaching the canopy, make sure that the fabric is attached to the hooks.

You may adjust the canopy so that the fabric hangs evenly and the canopy is level.

If you are using curtains, you must first make a strong rope or wireframe and attach it to the hooks.


What Are The Other Methods You Can Try To Hang A Canopy?

Try the tips below, my friends:


Tip#1. Gluing a hook in the ceiling

In this method, you must first measure and mark the placements.

Next, clean the area where the hooks will be placed so that the glue will not get stuck because of dust.

Then, lift off the hook’s adhesive backing and place the hook on the markings.

Ensure that they are firmly glued and allow them to dry completely.

Afterward, you may attach the canopy or make a frame before hanging the curtain.


Tip #2. Installing wooden stands

In this method, you must take the measurements of the stands.

Of course, you also must measure and mark the placements.

Next, drill in the middle of the wooden frame of your bed on all edges.

Also, you must drill the hole in the center of the bottom of your wooden stands.

Afterward, you may attach your anchors to the holes.

It would help if you drilled in the wooden stand as well.

Next, you may attach the stands to beds and attach the hooks to the stands.

Then, you may attach the canopy or make a frame before hanging the curtain.


Wrapping Up!

By learning how to hang a canopy over a bed, you are one step closer to achieving your dream bed.

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