How To Grow Trees Faster In 8 Easy Tips!

Practice care tips and know how to grow trees faster that could benefit us and the environment. Planting more trees and taking care of them can be very helpful to us.

Trees have a significant impact on society; they play a big role in our planet’s ecosystem. They provide oxygen, fruits, nutrients, medicines, and other things for us to live. They also help to fight climate change. 

how to grow trees faster

Trees could live less than 100 years, but it depends on the tree, sometimes they could live up to 1000 years and above!


Tips In Growing Trees Faster

Here are some tips to ensure that the trees you have planted would grow faster and healthier and benefit our planet for long years!


Tip #1. Consider the type of tree

When planting trees, you have to consider the right type of tree you want to grow in that specific spot.

The climate in your area would determine which tree is the best for your lawn.

Different trees have different needs: type of soil, the right amount of sunlight for photosynthesis, water, temperature, and climate.

Take note that trees that grow up to 50 feet tend to grow faster than trees that grow up to 15 feet only.


Tip #2. Proper planting

If you want to plant a new tree, try to dig a hole that is twice the size of the root of the tree.

Mix 50% of the soil from the spot and 50% of good potting soil and fill it into the hole.

As a gardener, you have to make sure you water the tree every day in the first week of planting.

Then in the next week, water it every other day, or as your tree needs. In addition to that, water your tree depending on the weather condition.


Tip #3. You should water the roots

It is not that helpful if you dump large amounts of water near the plant because there could be a tendency for the water to wash away, and only a small portion will go to the roots.

You can use a drip irrigation system or a watering bag for very precise and slow watering directly to the roots for over some time. 

Furthermore, dig around your tree but away from its roots, put an irrigation stake, and install a PVC pipe about 2-3 feet down to directly water the roots.


Tip #4. Put fertilizer

Fertilizer is the component of how to grow trees faster, and this is the one that provides more nutrients the trees need.

Also, it improves the soil and chemical properties.

Giving trees fertilizer is another way to help them grow faster and healthier.

There are so many fertilizers online that you could choose from, like organic fertilizer and mineral fertilizer, but you should consider what is right for them.


Tip #5. Regularly water the tree

Regularly water the plants, especially when it is summer. Keeping the soil moist would help them grow bigger.

You could add mulch around the tree to make the ground wet.

But it is not advisable to put it up against the tree.

Water helps the tree for cell enlargement and is vital for the germination of seeds, and this means faster-growing!


Tip #6. Keep away the wild plants

Wild plants around the tree could absorb the water meant only for the tree and the nutrients from the fertilizer.

So, you should keep the wild plants away for healthier and faster growth.


Tip #7. Keep them safe

Protect the tree from gardening tools like lawnmowers, other chemical sprays that could be harmful to the tree and some wild animals.

Surround it with some protectors like deer tubes or a tree shelter to protect them from any damage.

Injured trees use their nutrients and energy for healing and not for growing.


Tip #8. Testing the soil

Before planting trees, you should plan ahead of time and test your soil if it has nutrient deficiencies.

Having the right nutrient and exact amount of soil pH may vary on how trees grow.

Fertilization may be necessary, so plant trees necessary for the type of soil you have in your land. You could never go wrong with planning.


How Long Does It Take To Trees Grow?

It takes ten years to get a tree the height of 25 feet for most of the fast-growing trees.

An average tree can only reach 18 feet in 10 years, but the slow-growing tree won’t get 18 feet tall in just ten years.

Different trees have different nutrients and needs for them to grow.

Healthier growth still depends on some factors like proper sunlight, soil type, location, and enough nutrients.



All in all, trees are essential for us, either it is big or small, they make a significant impact on our everyday lives.

In addition to that, trees create more structure and aesthetic our land, perfect for unwinding to enjoy the fresh breeze with a perfect cup of coffee. 

We should practice tree planting in different countries around the world to help mother nature. Practice tree planting for a better world.

I hope this article about how to grow trees faster helped you to answer all your questions.

Thank you for reading!

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