How To Grow Pot In An Earthbox. Tips For Success

If you want to know the latest marijuana cultivation trends, learn how to grow pot in an earthbox in three paragraphs. Marijuana’s growing cycle takes eight months in the greenhouse, and you can make this period more productive by trying a unique gardening method. This is where the earthbox presents itself and the advantages it can produce from SIP or sub-irrigated style gardening.

Before you can reap the benefits of growing pot in an earthbox, you have to learn how to use this SIP planter, which shouldn’t take you a long time to understand. The growing market of cannabis makes its cultivation a worthy endeavor, but you also have to discover different methods and find the most advantageous for you. If using an earthbox can benefit you more, it’s worth learning more about growing pot in this trough box.

How To Grow Pot In An Earthbox. Tips For Success

The earthbox is a trough box that will hold the soil and water, but it uses a self-watering system. Its size can accommodate a reasonable number of plants, and its design will prevent watering mistakes on the gardener’s side. We all know that overwatered cannabis plants can affect their quality and health, so this self-watering box might be the solution if you overwater your pot often. 

How To Grow Pot In An Earthbox For Beginners

Growing pot in an earthbox is straightforward, with some adjustments on your part for the optimal growing requirements of marijuana. Choose a location in the greenhouse that is optimal for the growing conditions of the pot. Note that this spot is where the plants will stay for the season, so choose wisely.

Assemble the earthbox and put in the growing media inside while making sure the corners have no space to help with wicking. Fill the box with the same moist growing media, incorporate dolomite, and mix more media. Afterward, create a through for the fertilizer that you’ll put in later on. 

Overfill the earthbox by creating a mound of moist growing media over the fertilizer strip. Then, add the mulch cover with the black side up and cut holes in it. Plant your pot seeds or seedlings and then fill earthbox’s reservoir regularly.


How Earthbox Works For Pot

It’s important to emphasize that there are a lot of earthbox setups. You can have one pot plant or several ones per box, depending on their size and space requirement. Growing pot in an earthbox will require you to feed, aerate, and water the growing medium. 

This way, you can help the roots to get stronger and grow quality and healthy pot plants. Understand that the design of the earthbox means that the lower roots will drink the water while the upper root system will draw in the oxygen from the soil at the top of the box. Additionally, the plants will not absorb more than what they need, and since the water is in a layer that is separate from the soil, the water evaporation also reduces. 

This means you don’t run the risk of over or underwatering the pot plants, and even mold growth and pests will not be problematic. Overall, the earthbox makes growing pot quick to maintain compared to traditional cultivation. Using a greenhouse as your location for these boxes will prevent drawbacks from erratic outdoor challenges to help keep optimal growing conditions. 


What Is An Earthbox?

As mentioned previously, earthbox is a trough box with a self-watering system. This makes it similar to SIP style gardening that makes it more convenient for plants to take water. The idea behind this self-watering system is that instead of drenching, you are adding the water directly into your plants’ roots. 

The lack of runoff in this system helps conserve water consumption. Therefore, you can grow pot in an earthbox without the fear of watering problems. Those that are in a hot environment can even use an earthbox to be more water-efficient.  


Advantages Of Earthbox For Pot

For those who want to save time in maintenance or to start growing pot without much preparation, the straightforward Earthbox is for you. As mentioned previously, it makes it less likely to develop mold and a common maintenance mistake, which is overwatering. Overwatered cannabis can be problematic because it leads to deficiencies in the plant, prevention of plant processes, and stressed-looking cannabis plants. 


Disadvantages Of Earthbox For Pot

It’s safe to say that the most apparent disadvantage of growing pot in an earthbox is a space limitation. Planning how many pot plants you can grow in the earthbox is crucial for success. If the plants have limited space, it can cause stunts in their growth and nutrient deficiencies.



More and more growers are venturing in the marijuana industry because of its increasing demand from legalization. For a more convenient and straightforward approach, you can learn how to grow pot in an earthbox. SIP style gardening is excellent for the prevention of management mistakes such as overwatering. 

Additionally, growing pot in the earthbox is as quick as assembling everything, including mixing moist growing media and dolomite. Put the fertilizer in a through before mounding growing media over it and then cover the fertilizer strip with mulch cover. Lastly, plant the seeds and seedlings in the cut holes on the mulch cover, and you’re done.


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