How To Give A Bed Bath? 5 Easy Steps!

In this post, you will know everything related to how to give a bed bath.

But before anything else, what is a bed bath?

how to give a bed bath

So, this is an alternative for a shower or tub bath for persons who cannot take a bath independently.

Remember that it taking a bath every day is not necessary for people having frail skin.

In case you have a loved one that is incontinent, you must clean the affected areas only. A full bath is not needed.

Consequently, giving or receiving a bath is embarrassing for most people. As much as you want to respect their dignity, hygiene is a must.

Just ensure to let someone who will receive the bath know about it. Also, convince that person to cooperate.


What Are the Supplies Needed?

Before you start, you must keep the following items near your reach:

  • Clean cloths
  • Bath towels
  • Water basins
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Lotion
  • Washcloths
  • Lightweight blanket


Preparing To Give A Bed Bath

Before proceeding to the actual steps, you need to prepare first.

So, how to give a bed bath?

Follow the steps below.


Step #1. Keeping the room warm

It would help if you closed all the windows.

But you might turn the heat up so that the room will be kept warm.


Step #2. Prepare the warm water

Get two water basins and fill them with warm water.

You will use one in soaping up, and the other is for rinsing.

Make sure that their temperature is not over 115 degrees F.


Step #3. Check the height of the bed

The height of the bed must be right for you.

Or else you will end up with a hurt back.

If ever it’s too low, you can place your knee onto the bed for an easier reach in bathing the person.


Step #4. Ensuring the privacy of the person

Shut the door closed as well as the drapes and blinds.

Then, help the person undress but make sure to cover him with a towel or blanket first.

The towel or blanket must be kept over him the entire bath not to get cold.

A towel must also be placed underneath the person so that the bed will be kept dry.


Steps To Give A Bed Bath

Now, let us proceed with the actual steps in giving a bed bath.


Step #1. Washing your hands

First and foremost, your hands must be clean.

Washing and drying them is necessary.

You may also wear a pair of gloves if the person has diarrhea or if he is vomiting.

Wearing a mask might also be necessary, especially when the person is suffering from a contagious disease like flu.


Step #2. Washing the face

Get a face cloth and damp it with soapy water to wash the face.

You can also use wipes.

Then, damp another face cloth in clear water, this time for rinsing.


Step #3. Cleaning the body

Begin in the cleanest parts of the body.

Allow the person to clean himself if he can. Otherwise, you have to wash him gently using a face cloth.

Start washing the eyelids from the inside and moving outwards, followed by the ears and the neck.

Next, proceed with the arms towards the hands.

Do this one after another.

After that, you need to wash the belly and the chest.

Do not forget his belly button.

Now, it’s time to wash the legs. Again, start with one leg and proceed to the other.

Then, wash the person’s feet as well as in between his toes.

Tell the person to roll onto his side so that you can clean his back.

Help him in doing this.

In case you cannot roll the person alone, call for help to avoid hurting your back.

After washing that side, could you help him to roll back on his position?

The water in the basin must be poured out and replaced with water that is a bit warm.

Get another face cloth and clean the person’s genital area, followed by his anal area.


Step #4. Washing the hair

If you are wearing a pair of gloves, you need to remove them in washing the hair.

Ensure to change the water first before you proceed.

Then, get a no-rinse or baby shampoo.

As you wash the hair, you need to inspect the scalp if there are sores or redness.


Step #4. Applying lotion

Use a body lotion with no scent to keep the skin protected and prevent it from drying.

You should not apply lotion of parts that get moist, including in the groin’s fold and below the breasts.


Step #5. Help the person get dressed

If the person has immobility issues, you need to dress him yourself.

If not, help him as needed.

After that, you can already put the supply away and wash your hands.


It’s A Wrap!

Knowing how to give a bed bath is not enough; you also need to keep in mind some things.

For one thing, you need to check the person’s skin for sores or redness.

Pay extra attention to body parts with creases, including the stomach folds and underneath the breast.

Also, check the bony areas, including the shoulders and elbows.

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