How To Get Your Girlfriend’s Wedding Ring Size

If you want to know how to get your girlfriend’s wedding ring size, try these four clever ways without her knowing. You can still surprise your girlfriend with the best-fitting engagement ring using these techniques to find her ring size. 

And speaking of rings and how to measure them, you should also know how should a wedding ring fit. Like the engagement ring, it shouldn’t be too tight or loose. 

how to get your girlfriend's wedding ring size


4 Clever Ways On How To Get Your Girlfriend’s Wedding Ring Size


Find a ring in her jewelry box

One of the easiest ways to get your girlfriend’s wedding ring size for a proposal is to check her jewelry box. Find a ring she wears and measure it by tracing the ring over a piece of paper that you can bring to the jeweler for sizing. 

Just make sure it’s a ring she wears on her ring finger as it’s where she’ll have the wedding ring or engagement ring. You can also sneak a ring and bring it directly to the jewelry shop if she doesn’t notice. 

But if it’s too risky and she might find out, you can also use a candle stick or a bar of soap where the ring can make an imprint. You only need to push her ring through these items to know her engagement ring or wedding ring size. 


Ask her family or friends for her ring size

Whether for engagement rings or wedding rings, it’s likely for the partner to ask their girlfriend’s family and friends for a blessing before asking her the big question. Understand that some couples use the same ring for the engagement and wedding ceremony. 

Why not ask them for her ring size instead of trying to take it secretly? Then, her mom, sister, or closest friend will likely know her ring size. 

But of course, tell them that it’s a secret and they shouldn’t accidentally slip out and tell her of the proposal or surprise wedding. You might also have an idea of who can keep the secret best.


Ask subtle questions about her ring size

Besides asking her family and friends, you can get your girlfriend’s ring size by asking subtle questions. But, of course, you don’t want it to be obvious, primarily if she’s known to tell and discover surprises. 

Some subtle ways to find her sizing is by mentioning ring types and styles. A jewelry commercial or another friend getting her wedding ring can also be an opportunity for a conversation. 

If you know she’s unlikely to get suspicious, you can ask her directly for the ring size. Just do so subtly, like mentioning other celebrities and their rings. 


Take her finger’s size while she’s sleeping

The final way to get your girlfriend’s ring size is to take ring size measurements while she’s sleeping. This is a bold move, especially if your girlfriend is a light sleeper. 

A night when she’s drunk or tired is an excellent opportunity to find her ring size. First, wrap a string around her ring finger and mark with tape. 

Then, bring this to the jeweler to find the best-fitting wedding ring. 


Other sneaky ways to find out your girlfriend’s ring size:

  • Gift your girlfriend a random ring
  • Ask her to wear a ring for your friend who’s also about to propose to his girlfriend
  • Print a ring size chart at home and compare a ring she wears to it
  • Ask her close friend or relative to have her try their ring
  • Go by the average ring size


What Is The Average Ring Size By Height And Weight? 

Another way to take her ring size is by basing it on the average sizes of wedding rings. Of course, it’s still best to take her sizing for the best fit, but resizing is an option, and it’s even possible to learn how to make a wedding ring smaller

Women with a small body frame and below-average height are likely to wear ring sizes 4 to 6. On the other hand, slim but average height women can wear anywhere from size 6 to 7 for their rings. 

And for women who have heavy builts and are tall should wear ring sizes 7 to 9. It’s best to bring home a chart or take your partner to the jeweler for the perfect measurements of engagement rings and wedding rings. 


Can You Tell Ring Size By Shoe Size?

Despite the suggestions, getting your girlfriend or anyone’s ring size by their shoe size is impossible. This is because the two body measurements are not related; a person’s build can give you an idea of the average range of ring sizes they can wear. 


What Is The Average Woman’s Ring Size?

The average ring size for women is size 6. However, remember that every person is different, and their hand might also be unique. 

Some people have smaller fingers than others, and fingers themselves even shrink or expand because of many factors. To make resizing possible, opt for wedding rings made from materials that are easy to modify in the future. 



Were these hacks helpful? To recap how to get your girlfriend’s wedding ring size, try finding a ring in her jewelry box, asking her closest people, asking her subtly, or taking her measurement while she’s asleep. 

But nowadays, shopping for wedding rings together is expected, so why not visit a jeweler to ensure the best-fitting ring? 

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