How To Get Urine Smell Out Of Sofa: 3 Best Fixes

If you don’t know how to get urine smell out of sofa, you’ll be pleased that it only takes three steps. This guide should work on human and animal urine to restore your sofa’s freshness. And if your pet has caused other issues on the couch, why not give this guide on repairing cat scratches on the leather couch as well? 

What other helpful information can you expect in this article? We will also talk about the best cleaners to use and if some popular remedies are safe for the sofa. So without further ado, let’s get that musty odor out of your furniture!


How To Get Urine Smell Out Of Sofa Properly


Step 1. Soak up the excess urine

  • If the mess is recent, place a rag onto the urine and soak as much liquid as possible
  • You might need to press onto the couch cushion if it absorbed some of the pee
  • Use as many rags required to get rid of the excess liquid

Step 2. Wipe the couch with vinegar solution

  • Mix one cup of distilled white vinegar and four cups of water for a quick and reliable homemade sofa deodorizer
  • Dip a cloth onto the vinegar solution and squeeze out the excess
  • Wipe the vinegar onto the affected area with a scrubbing motion to allow the sofa to absorb the vinegar
  • If the site is hard to reach, spray it with the vinegar solution and then follow by scrubbing

Step 3. Freshen the sofa

  • Allow the vinegar solution to sit on the sofa for several minutes to neutralize the stench of the urine
  • Once done, mix a cup of baking soda and several drops of your preferred essential oil
  • Sprinkle the baking soda on the soiled part of the couch and let it sit overnight
  • The baking soda should lift any residual urine and moisture, and combining it with essential oil should further help in freshening the sofa
  • Vacuum the powder off and repeat if you still notice some smell
  • You can also aerate the couch outside to dry it further or clean it as you naturally would to remove the urine stains

How To Remove Urine Stains Out Of A Couch?

You can deodorize a soiled couch using vinegar, but staining occurs if the pee has been on the sofa for a while. The odor removal for this case will be a bit different because you’re working on the absorbed urine by the couch. You will need three tablespoons of baking soda, two drops of mild detergent, and ten ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide. 

  1. Pour the hydrogen peroxide solution on a spray bottle and test it on a small part of the sofa
  2. If no reaction occurs after drying, you can proceed with the urine stain and smell removal
  3. Spray the soiled portion of the couch directly and let it sit for an hour
  4. The solution should lift the stain, and you can quickly dab it off with a damp cloth
  5. Dry the area by blotting with another dry towel to remove the cleaning solution
  6. Repeat if needed, but if the stain remains, contact your trusted upholstery cleaner

How Do You Get Dried Urine Out Of A Couch Cushion?

If the hydrogen peroxide solution or vinegar solution both didn’t work on the urine-soaked couch cushion, you would need an upholstery enzyme cleaner. Check the material you have on the sofa and find the formulation recommended for it. 

  1. Pour the enzyme cleaner on the stained area as spraying won’t be enough to saturate and remove the smell and odor
  2. Allow the enzyme cleaner to soak into the couch cushion to work against the acid in the urine
  3. Afterward, press a rag onto the saturated spot to absorb the cleaner
  4. Do a blotting motion if needed and use several pieces of cloth until you removed the excess moisture
  5. Leave the couch to air dry because the cleaner will evaporate along with the uric acid of the urine

How Do You Get The Smell Out Of A Fabric Couch?

Some sofas that use microfiber, suede, or velour are not compatible with getting saturated by liquid. You can get the urine smell out of these fabric couches using salt. 

  1. Soak the pee on the sofa with some paper towels, but do not press because you don’t want the couch to absorb the liquid
  2. Sprinkle salt on the affected spot generously and leave it to dry 
  3. Vacuum the salt off and repeat with an enzymatic cleaner if you still notice stains and odor

Does Febreze Work On Urine?

Febreze can temporarily work on urine, but it will only mask the smell. You are essentially trying to cover the odor with Febreze but not actively removing it. It’s better to work against the uric acid on the affected area using enzyme cleaners. 



If someone peed on the sofa, the stench would be hard to remove. You have learned how to get urine smell out of the sofa using vinegar solution and hydrogen peroxide solution for fresh urine. But remember that stains will be easier to remove with an enzyme cleaner.

Are you also dealing with a smelly leather couch? Please read this guide on removing odor from the leather sofa for safe and tested solutions to freshen it.


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