How To Get Urine Out Of Leather Sofa Effectively

We have three steps for you to learn how to get urine out of leather sofa. This includes removing the stain, deodorizing the sofa, and ensuring that it won’t disintegrate. We made sure that these products and procedures are all safe for leather. 

What if you have another piece of furniture ruined by urine? Check this article on removing the urine smell from the sofa. It discusses other applicable methods for various sofa types, which might be helpful if you have kids and pets.

how to get urine out of leather sofa


How To Clean Urine Off The Leather Sofa


Step 1. Remove as much urine as possible

If your pet or child had an accident on the leather couch, soak up the excess urine as much as possible. This will remove stain and odor much easier because the liquid won’t get deeper into the porous leather. Use as many paper towels as needed to dab the urine off the surface, but be careful not to spread it on the other parts of the furniture. 

If your leather sofa has removable covers for its cushions, be sure to separate the two because cleaning the foam or stuffing will be different from the leather material. Removing the cushions quickly should also keep the urine from soaking them. This is one reason why using covers is a great way to protect the sofa from pets or kids, in case they pee accidentally. 


Step 2. Test the cleanser and remove the stain

Use your trusted specially-formulated leather cleaner to remove the urine stain and residue. You can also make one with baking soda, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide. However, always spot test your cleaning solution on a hidden portion of the leather sofa to find out about staining or fading. 

After checking, dampen a soft cloth with the cleaning solution. Do not oversaturate the leather furniture with liquid, and never scrub too harshly to damage the material. And if you removed the cushion foam or stuffing, use an enzymatic cleaner and a water sink to clean it thoroughly.


Step 3. Recondition the leather

Rinse and make sure to remove the excess liquid that the cushion stuffing or foam has absorbed. Then, let the materials dry completely before stuffing them into the covers. If there is no more discoloration or odor on the leather sofa, it’s time to apply a leather conditioner to restore its moisture. 

Cleaning the leather sofa should always be followed by reconditioning to restore its luster and help prolong its life. However, use the right product because homemade conditioners such as olive oil can leave dark stains. If you know how to tell the quality of the leather sofa, you should easily know the best products for it. 


How Do You Get Dried Urine Out Of Leather?

Dried urine is going to need something that can break it down to make removal easier. Otherwise, it will be hard to remove stains from a white leather sofa, especially because the yellow discoloration is noticeable. But regardless of the type of leather you have, always spot test the vinegar solution to know if it won’t degrade your couch material. 

  1. Dilute white vinegar with lukewarm water and add a drop or two of mild dish soap
  2. Spray the dried urine stains but do not soak the leather sofa too much
  3. Blot off the urine with a soft cloth to allow transfer from the leather
  4. Repeat as needed and wipe the leather dry before letting it air dry
  5. Don’t use this vinegar solution on fresh urine because the smell might worsen due to its acidity

How Do You Get Urine Smell Out Of Leather Couch?

You can deodorize a leather sofa that smells like urine by blotting off the excess liquid and then cleaning it with your trusted leather product. Then, dry the couch thoroughly as moisture can contribute to the intensity of the pungent and musty odor. Another secret of getting the urine smell out of the leather couch is with the help of baking soda.

Baking soda and water are effective for removing urine odor from clothes. But because you don’t want to oversaturate the absorbent leather with more liquid, sprinkle baking soda all over it as you let it ventilate with fresh air. You can clean a leather couch with baking soda safely, so you shouldn’t worry about accidentally damaging the material. 

How To Clean Urine From Fake Leather Couch

If your sofa is made from synthetic materials, you can use saddle soap to remove urine. Vinegar should also help eliminate the musty smell from the faux leather couch. 

  1. Soak up as much excess urine as possible
  2. Clean the sofa as usual with saddle soap
  3. If the smell persists after cleaning and drying the furniture, dilute white vinegar with warm water and wipe the affected area
  4. Wipe the sofa dry and let it ventilate


Urine can be a headache to remove because it stains and has a pungent smell. To recap this guide on how to get urine out of leather sofa, you don’t need to worry because even porous leather is recoverable with the help of your trusted leather cleaner. Soak up the excess urine and then clean the couch as you usually would with a leather cleaner. 

And if you’re using other products, test it first, and don’t forget to condition the leather afterward. Overall, we hope you learned valuable tricks in case your couch gets soaked with pee. Let us know below if you have other questions. 

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