How To Get The Crayons Out Of The Dryer? 3 Best Ways!

Don’t you know how to get the crayons out of the dryer? Getting rid of crayons stuck inside the dryer walls does not have to be a stressful experience. Here are several basic measures to clear as even more crayon wax as possible as you want before you undertake any of these crayon removals approaches.

Begin gently scraping excess crayon wax off your dryer sidewalls using a gift card or credit card while clearing a drum that was crayon-filled. Run an empty spin cycle on your dryer for at least 10 minutes to melt the wax once most of it has been removed.

how to get the crayons out of the dryer

This method is straightforward and helpful in removing the crayon from the dryer quickly. But that is not enough, my friends. We have mentioned more steps to get rid of crayons; as you further delved into this article, you come to know all the steps. Just continue reading! 


Ways To Get The Crayons Out Of Dryer

Despite rigorous cleaning and inspection of pants pockets, many people end up including a few crayons that melted around the dryer’s inside during a spin cycle. Here we have discussed how to get the crayons out of the dryer. It’s a simple procedure that requires a maximum of half an hour or less.


#1. By using a powered cleanser

Use a powered cleaner such as  Comet, Ajax, Bar Keeper’s Friend, or Bon Ami to get rid of crayons in the dryer. All of them work wonderfully for any issues related to wax, whether candle wax on the walls or stains of crayon inside the dryer.  This cleanser helps to loosen or break up the wax, and the powder serves like a scouring pad.

In the cleaner, put a wet sponge or hot towel. Wipe the dryer’s whole drum. Using a clean, moist rag, scrub the crayon’s stains. After dipping a waste toothbrush in hot water, apply the cleaning.

Scrape any minor splits or nooks that the sponge didn’t reach. Clean the crayons away by using a damp, clean cloth. Continue removing this procedure till you get rid of all crayons stains. After that, Put an old towel, rags, and other items in the dryer and start a spin cycle; set the temperature of your dryer on the maximum heat mode. When the process is complete, check to see if all the crayons come out of the dryer or not, the crayons left on the dryer stick on the rags during a cycle. 

While orange and red and crayons stick well on every rag color, utilizing light color clothes such as white cloths ensures that any residual wax from whichever crayon you discovered will be seen.


#2. By using WD-40

The WD-40 is commonly used to loosen nuts, screws, bolts, and nuts, but it also has a variety of other applications. WD-40 is effective in removing the crayon’s stains also. Before you apply the procedure to remove the crayons, make sure your dryer contains a blower motor or not. Because WD-40 is very explosive, never put this product directly onto the dryer with a blower motor. To apply this, first put this item on the old towel or any rag, then clean the dryer with it. Leave it for 15 minutes to get rid of crayons stains. 

After 15 minutes, start scrubbing the stains by using the same cloth. Check if any stain is left on the dryer. If any, scrub it with the towel by dipping it in the hot soapy water. After that, put a dry towel and any tissue paper, dry the whole dryer. To evaluate the dryer’s cleanliness, it’s best to use towels or rags. 


#3. By using homemade paste

The best alternative to remove the crayons from the dryer is to use homemade paste. For this purpose, take a bowl of water and add the Tide dishwashing detergent powder, then mix them well. These cleaning solutions are best to remove difficult crayons stains. The most effective method to remove crayons out of a dryer is to use items in your kitchen. 

In a medium basin, pour a good amount of powder detergent. Don’t worry if your dishwashing soap is finished; use powdered laundry detergent instead. Slowly drizzle into the hot water until a thick paste is formed.

Allow the paste to sit for 10-15 minutes after smearing it all over the inside of your drum or dryer and using a moist sponge to scrub this paste. Take a separate small bowl and add dish soap and lukewarm water; mix them well. Dip the small towel and rag in this hot soapy water to clean off any paste residues. To check whether any crayon stain is left in the drum, add an old towel or rags and run a spin cycle. If residue is left, it will stick on the rag. This handmade paste is especially appealing because the components are all confirmed very secure. You may want to know how to remove crayons from a clothes dryer


It’s A Wrap!

We are excited to know that you all got the answer to how to get the crayons out of the dryer. The tips which are mentioned above are beneficial and works wonders.  If you noticed the crayons stains in the dryer, don’t worry. Just apply these tips; they help you. Thank you, friends, for being with us! Also, read about how to clean gum out of a dryer and how to shrink jeans without dryer.

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