How To Get The Chapstick Out Of The Clothes After Dryer? 3 Amazing Tips!

Are you wondering how to get the chapstick out of the clothes after dryer? By scraping it with a spoon or knife, using a soft bristle brush, or wiping the stain with a microfiber cloth. Sometimes, when you open your dryer and put off your clothes, you feel a sinking smell, and you notice a greasy residue of melted chapstick on your clothing.

If your lip balm or chapstick is left in your pant pocket, it melts and sticks on your clothes during the drying cycle. All the lip balm, lipsticks, and chapsticks contain a mixture of oil, wax, and dye if your chapstick is like a tint. 

how to get the chapstick out of the clothes after dryer

You can get rid of these stains from the clothes as soon as you pull them out from the dryer.  It’s a simple task, and you can do it easily by yourself with the help of homemade ingredients. Below, we have mentioned some fantastic tips that help you remove chapstick stains. Let’s check it out!


Tips To Get The Chapstick Out Of The Clothes After Dryer

Before you start the cleaning process, take a tiny amount of detergent and then test your cloth to check whether it damages your clothes or not. It takes a lot of time to get the stubborn stains from the clothes. That’s why you need to repeat the cleaning process more than once. Sometimes these chapstick stains are removed only by dry cleaning the clothes. Well, stop thinking more about getting the chapstick out of the dryer after dresses. Below we have written a few tips on how to get the chapstick out of the clothes after dryer:


#1. Socking and scraping

If you want to get rid of the lip balm, lipstick, or chapstick stains from the clothes, then one of the best techniques is to scrape these stubborn stains; you can scrap the chapstick stains once they become dried thoroughly. But keep in your mind that the colors which become very dry take a lot of time to get out of the clothes. That is why it is always recommended that when you take out the clothes from the dryer, instantly remove the stains from them. 

You need a  plastic putty knife with a plastic edge for scraping the strains. Move this knife on the dry chapstick stain until all the colors are loose. Keep in mind that a metal knife only damages the fabric of your clothes while scraping the dry pigments from the front of your shirt. 

After that, take any cleaner or the best dishwashing soap in a bowl. Then add your shirt to this solution to remove the wax or oil stains from the shirt. Let your cloth soak up for at least 10 minutes or less until you notice that the colors are come out from the shirt. 


#2. Stain removal

Suppose you don’t want to do the first step. Then try this easy tip. In this method, you have to use a white paper towel. Put this towel on the level, then put on your clothes and find the area where the chapstick stains are stuck. Then place this shirt on the towel. Then take a white vinegar in a bowl, spray the vinegar on these strains and then, with the help of a sponge, remove these stains.  The chapstick stains like oil or wax residue go into the cloth fabric and then transfer into the paper towel.

The other alternative is that take a rag, but this clean rag at the backside of the stains. After that, press your iron on this stain, no need to heat the iron. Let the iron stay on the chapstick for several minutes, then check your clothes to see if the colors are removed or not. 

If the stains are very hard, you need to repeat the process more than once until all the colors are removed from the shirt. When you notice that all the stains get out fr4iom the clothes or if they are not visible, then it’s time to rewash them in your washing machine. Set the temperature to the maximum heat setting when you wash these clothes. It’s a great idea to use the safe bleach of the colorful cloth, and for white dresses, you can use chlorine bleach.  You may also read ways to remove ink stains from dryers.


#3. By using vinegar

If you want to remove the other melted stains in your dryer, you need a rag or wet cloth. Put them in the dryer and start a cycle at the highest heat setting for only 10 minutes. The chapstick stuck within the dryer drum becomes soft by doing this. And you can get it out just by wiping it with a  cloth sock in the vinegar solution.  Vinegar is a natural cleanser that helps you in cleaning. When you clean the dryer drum with the help of vinegar, you can get rid of all the chaotic wax or oil. 


It’s A Wrap!

We were happy to learn how to get the chapstick out of the clothes after dryer. The tips, as mentioned earlier, are very helpful in getting rid of these chapstick stains not only from the clothes but also from the dryer. Just read them carefully. Thank you, friends, for being with us! Click on these links to read related articles; know how to clean gum out of a dryer  and how to clean LG dryer.

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