How To Get Smell Out Of Dryer? 7 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to get smell out of dryer? It will follow a series of steps to turn the dryer off, remove the lint trap, use the vacuum to clean out its hole and the exterior, use vinegar as a deodorizer or natural cleaner, and wipe the dryer exterior with a clean & damp rag.

Remember to open the dryer door that greets you with a smell. If it smells bad, it means there’s something wrong with it. It should not smell like gym clothes are left inside for a week or dirty socks. The thing is that there is a solution to this problem.

how to get smell out of dryer


Steps To Get Smell Out Of Dryer

Are you wondering how to get smell out of dryer? Follow these steps below in how to eliminate the odor from your dryer:


Step #1. Turning the dryer off

Turn the dryer off completely. Then, unplug it for your safety.


Step #2. Removing the lint trap

Begin to remove the lint trap from the dryer. Remove the lint using your hands. Utilize vacuum with the use of a hose attachment that removes the lint. Run the trap under running water if it is not clean. Make use of a soft brush that eliminates stubborn dirt. Move the lint trap aside and let it dry completely before placing it back inside.


Step #3. Using the vacuum

Use the vacuum using a hose attachment when cleaning out its hole. Use your vacuum to remove the dirt more effectively and quicker.


Step #4. Cleaning the entire space

While vacuuming, clean the entire space under and even around the dryer. Include the dryer vent, too. Follow this step regularly because lint hides in the area—clean around the dryer to avoid dirt from staying still in the small spaces.


Step #5. Going outside, vacuuming the dryer vent exterior

Go outside to clean its dryer vent exterior. Allow the duct flaps to move freely. Check for some possible debris that causes the obstruction. If there is debris that gets stuck, take some action. Check its ventilation system for some possible signs of wear & tear.


Step #6. Using vinegar

Vinegar is indeed an excellent natural deodorizer and cleaner. Use it in the entire house, and you’ll see it is clean. Grab some clean cloth to dip in the white vinegar. Clean your dryer with the fabric. Wipe it inch by inch as this continues to both the door and area at a rubber gasket. Apply some vinegar and wipe it until you see it clean. Let the door stay open. And then, open the window for the air to vent out properly.


Step #7. Wiping the dryer exterior

Wipe the dryer exterior with a damp and clean rag. Don’t include using a wet cloth and anything that may cause scratches. Inspect the outside part of the dryer. Make sure no damage will occur in other regions.


Tips To Prevent Dryer Smell

Prevention is a better solution than cure. Prevent this bad smell from coming back again. Let the dryer air adequately & regularly. Plus, do not leave the wet laundry inside the dryer. Clean its lint trap before you use it again. Inspect the dryer vent regularly for debris, dirt, and damage. Stop the dryer right away if there is a strange or burning smell. Remove the laundry and seek help from dryer repair experts. Unplug it if you will not be using it. It’s also better to use fewer types of detergent. Using an excess amount might only leave residues on the clothing that promotes mildew and mold growth. Use only a tiny amount as you read it on the detergent package. You may also want to read about why does my dryer smell.


Products To Use To Get Smell Out Of Dryer

Here are the products to use to get the smell out of the dryer.


#1. Soapy water

Soapy water is a straightforward and basic cleaner you need to complete the job. If there’s a faint smell, use soapy water to remove the odors. Place hot water into the bottle sprayer. Add dish soap or laundry detergent liquid in drops. Shake it gently and mix the solution. Spray the gasket and the dryer door with a cleaner. Then, wipe all the residues away. After that, rinse the cloth with cold water. Wipe it down inside so that no soap will be left behind.


#2. Vinegar

Remove the gum residue or stain from the dryer using water and soap. Apply a small amount of vinegar or alcohol if it doesn’t fix the issue. Or, if you want, use ice so that you remove it.


#3. Baking soda

Baking soda makes a perfect solution for being an alkaline powder. It deeply absorbs terrible odor from the dryer. Place a small quantity of baking soda in a wet towel. Place the towel into the machine. Dry it with the lowest cycle in drying. Wait until you remove the residues and odors. Sprinkle some baking soda into the clothes. Brush them off & add these clothes to the dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to get smell out of dryer with the steps mentioned above. It will be ideal if you share them with your family & friends. Follow the tips discussed in preventing bad dryer smell. And, make use of the products such as vinegar, baking soda, and soapy water to remove the smell! why does my dryer smell like gas and how to eliminate bad odors.

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