How To Get Rotten Food Smell Out Of Fridge? 5 Easy Steps!

If you wonder, “How to get rotten food smell out of fridge?” this article is for you! Do not go anywhere, home, buddy; fighting that stench will be a straightforward process for you. With this, you can get rid of the rotten food smell by preparing the fridge, wetting the refrigerator, scrubbing down the dirt, using baking soda and charcoal, and repeating the process if necessary.

Before we start, I need you to gather these materials, take notes. You can substitute one of the materials if it is not available within your reach. You can get these materials at the nearest grocery stores.

How to get rotten food smell out of fridge
  • Plastic garbage bags or any plastic bags,
  • Disinfectant,
  • Tissue paper or cloth,
  • Gloves,
  • Mask,
  • Water,
  • White vinegar,
  • Baking soda, and
  • Charcoal

When you already gathered these materials, you are now ready to start the fight of getting rid of these horrible smells inside your fridge. Also, it would help if you were good at resisting the rotting smell, so it is better to have an open environment for the scent to dissipate.

I know that you cannot wait for this article. The process itself will be very effortless as you prepared all the materials needed for the cleaning. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Steps To Get Rotten Food Smell Out Of Fridge

Now that you had arrived in the section that discusses, “How to get rotten food smell out of fridge?” The cleaning process will be straightforward to follow as the steps below are straightforward.


Step #1. Preparing the fridge

I know that you are now ready to get rid of the smell. So, start with unplugging the refrigerator from the socket to avoid any electrical hazards. Then, set up your cleaning materials within your reach. You can already put on your masks and gloves to protect yourself from the smell.

With this, remove all the food from your fridge. All the eggs, fruits, vegetables, and food must be disposed of in a separate trash bag for safety. Make sure to seal the plastic tight and robust so that the smell will not escape.


Step #2. Wetting the fridge

You had finished preparing your workspace by removing all the fridge components and protect yourself from the smells. You will now be proceeding with the next step of wetting the fridge. On the other hand, you might want to learn what components to put in a mini-fridge. Just read on that later.

Regardless, wet the infested sections of the fridge with water. Also, you can use a pressurized water hose if you have one available at your home. Remove all the remaining residues with the water. Make sure that your fridge’s electrical components are kept safe from water contamination.


Step #3. Scrubbing down the dirt

When you had wetted the fridge to remove all the dirt, you will now be scrubbing all the surfaces the rotten food has stayed. Use the disinfectant together with tissue paper or cloth in wiping all the surfaces.

Also, look for rotten residues that can produce a horrible smell. Scrub them all out and remove them with the disinfectant. While scrubbing, you might smell the stench in the way. It is good to take a minute break while cleaning the fridge to avoid any suffocations.


Step #4. Using baking soda and charcoal

After scrubbing all the dirt produced by the rotten food, you will be using the magic of baking soda and charcoal to fight all the smells. Using the baking soda, scatter the powder evenly all over the surfaces infested with the rot.

You should include the sides, the bottom part, and all the drawers together with the top surfaces. After that, you will be placing about 15 – 20 pieces of charcoal in the interiors of the fridge. The amount of charcoal depends on the size of your fridge so that you can estimate it.


Step #5. Repeating the process if necessary

When you had put all the charcoal, you should leave the fridge open for about seven days. Also, do not use the refrigerator for a while to remove all the remaining odors. After a week, remove all the charcoal and baking soda. You will be performing the 3rd step if odors persist.

If not, repeat this step until you have achieved removing all the rotten smells inside your fridge. Also, you can put odor packets that are available in stores to remove all the odors inside your fridge.  Indeed, removing the rotting smell in the fridge may not be easy. But following these easy steps, I am sure that you can get out of the way. With this method, the rotten smell will cease to exist.



Great! Learning the answer to “How to get rotten food smell out of fridge?” is easy. Following the five steps above will be very easy for a home buddy like you to get rid of the smell.

You can remove the smells by preparing the fridge, wetting the refrigerator, scrubbing down the dirt, using baking soda and charcoal, and repeating the process if necessary.

I hope that this article satisfied your curiosity in getting rid of rotten smells in your fridge. Share this with anyone who might be needing help with this problem.

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