How To Get Rid Of Wedding Ring Rash: 2 Ways

You can learn how to get rid of wedding ring rash in two ways. First, you must know the home remedies and preventative practices to facilitate healing and prevent the rash from reoccurring. 

We will also talk about wedding ring rash symptoms and when to call a doctor. And for other wedding ring-related issues, feel free to browse our blog.

how to get rid of wedding ring rash

For starters, we recommend reading about how should a wedding ring fit because the rashes might be from the ring being too tight on your finger. 


How To Get Rid Of Wedding Ring Rash At Home


Home remedies


  • Apply an over-the-counter cream on the rash

According to dermatologists, you must remove the wedding ring first once you notice a rash. Then, only wear it again once you no longer have any rashes.

To help your skin heal, apply a cortisone cream on the affected area. This should also help relieve any discomfort, such as itching or symptoms like redness. 

In most cases, you can expect the rash to heal after a week. However, you may need a visit to a dermatologist if it doesn’t improve, and you may need a prescription medication. 


  • Keep the skin clean and moisturized

Another home practice that will help get rid of wedding ring rash is to ensure that your hands are clean and moisturized. It’s a good habit to wash your hands regularly, but remember that you might be stripping away the protective barrier at the top layer, which can dry the skin and worsen the ring rash. 

A solution is to use a gentle soap so that you won’t worsen the reaction from the wedding ring. But, you don’t want the skin to lose its moisture as it can get flaky and itchy, slowing the healing of the wedding ring rash. 

Remove the rings when handwashing, then moisturize your skin with petroleum jelly, hypoallergenic lotions, or creams with ceramides to protect and lock in moisture. And when you need to do things like dishwashing, wear gloves to minimize the repeated exposure to soap. 


How to prevent wedding ring rash


  • Keep the ring dry and clean

The healing of wedding ring rash will only happen if you also do preventative practices. This will prevent the irritation from reoccurring or worsening. 

For starters, make it a habit to remove the wedding ring when you get your hands wet because it won’t allow the finger to dry completely. Depending on the wedding ring’s material, it might also need not get wet, or it can develop rust that can irritate your skin. 

Finally, make sure that your ring is regularly cleaned to prevent any changes in its composition and avoid contact with potential irritants that have built up on the jewelry. You can clean the wedding ring at home with a jewelry cleaning solution, but it’s much better to bring it to a professional to avoid damaging the ring and effectively remove debris and gunk.  


  • Coat the ring to prevent skin contact

The next step is to make a barrier between the wedding ring and skin by coating the metal. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to metals, so a quick home solution is to apply a coat or two of nail polish on the inner ring band that touches the skin. 

You may also consider getting the metal wedding ring plated, especially if it’s made of nickel, causing the skin reaction. Plate the ring with gold or platinum or coat the jewelry with rhodium if it’s made of silver. 

Understandably, getting the ring plated or coated can be costly, and it might be more practical to get a new wedding ring instead. To give you more options if you’re tight on the budget, here is how to make a wedding ring


Why Am I Getting A Rash Under My Wedding Ring?

  • Allergy to the metal that makes up the wedding ring
  • Reaction to potential irritants from an unclean wedding ring
  • Not allowing the hands or ring to dry thoroughly after washing or sweating
  • Dry skin or existing skin condition 
  • The wedding ring is too tight that it irritates the skin


What Is Wedding Ring Dermatitis?

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Dermatology, wedding ring dermatitis is another term for contact dermatitis that developed from wearing a wedding ring. 

It is also sometimes called allergic contact dermatitis or occlusion dermatitis. The most common culprit is platinum wedding rings, but every person is different with the metals they might be allergic to.


Symptoms of wedding ring rash

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness
  • Dryness that may feel scaly 
  • Skin easily cracks or bleeds
  • Burning sensation


Should I Take Off My Wedding Ring If I Get A Rash?

It’s best to remove and stop wearing your wedding ring until you have healed from the rash. If it’s confirmed as the irritant, have it coated or replace the ring with a hypoallergenic metal. 

Don’t hesitate to call a doctor if there is no improvement with home remedies. Remember that symptoms becoming severe or spreading also puts you at risk for infection, so visit a dermatologist as soon as possible. 



And that’s it! We’ve just learned how to get rid of wedding ring rash using home remedies and preventative measures.

You can start with cortisone cream, then make sure your skin is always clean and moisturized. You may also consider getting the ring coated to prevent irritations from reoccurring. 

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