DIY on How to Get Rid of Urine Smell in Bassinet Mattress

Often babies will pee on their bassinet. The smell can be a daunting task to remove. However, in this article, you will learn how to get rid of the urine smell in bassinet mattresses.

Mop up any liquid on your mattress with an absorbent towel. Cover the stain thoroughly with baking soda and leave overnight. Vacuum it away after you wake up, then mix one part distilled white vinegar to two parts of clean bathwater for extra deodorizing power! Use an old shampoo bottle to squirt this concoction all over the surface.

How to Get Rid of Urine Smell in Bassinet Mattress

Let soak overnight before rinsing out thoroughly with running tap water without soap residue left behind. Insert back into your bassinet after ensuring that every corner is dry (use a hairdryer on low heat if needed). Make sure there are no lingering odors by spraying down once again with a clean air freshener before use next time.


How to make a bassinet city select stroller?

This bassinet is entirely removable, so you can take it off when your baby gets bigger and does not need a flat surface. In addition, the front wheels turn inwards for storage or transport, which makes the stroller more compact than ever!


Steps On How To Clean A Baby Jogger Bassinet:

Place a clean cloth under where you will be working and remove any screws that may keep the fabric in place. If the cloth does not attach to your seat, you are ready to move on with the next step!

Clean & Disinfect: Now that it is off, clean the top and bottom of the bassinet using a non-toxic cleaner made for baby items such as Boudreaux’s Butt Paste or Johnsons’ Baby Bedtime Bath. At the same time, cleaning wipes down all metal parts, including any latches which hold the two pieces together when in use. Once everything has been wiped down thoroughly, allow time for drying before continuing onto disinfecting.

Disinfectant Spray Or Wipes: When giving your jogger bassinet its first spray, be sure to lightly mist both sides evenly. Be careful not to saturate it entirely until you know how your baby reacts to the product after drying. If you do not wish to use a spray, we recommend using wipes instead as it is much easier and less messy for both yourself and those who will be assembling/disassembling the bassinet (which should only take about three steps).

Wipe Down: After spraying or wiping down the top and bottom of the bassinet, place one hand on each side with fingers together before bringing them apart slightly, allowing what has been sprayed onto the unit to drip towards seams to ensure disinfecting all areas properly. Once this step has been completed, allow the surface to be treated with the cleaner to dry completely before continuing to reassemble!

Reassemble & Re-latch Bassinet Tray: Once everything has been cleaned and thoroughly dried. It is time to reassemble the bassinet! If you have a play yard/bassinet combo with wheels, please ensure they are locked into place before attempting any assembly.

For the frame of your unit to be stable, it will need to attach through each opening at either end of the base and around all four legs on the bottom half. In addition, it will also require being attached at the center top between two round or square pieces which extend from both ends of the upper portion.

Once this has been completed, simply slide the lower part onto side rails until locks click securely into place. Then push down firmly on mattress support until it snaps up under tabs towards the front edge release buttons pop out appropriately when finished.


What is included when buying Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller Travel System?

The travel system comes with a car seat base, carry handle, Maxi Cosi infant carrier adapter kit, and charging case. It also includes a food tray, padded canopy basket undercarriage storage mesh pocket with magnetic closure locking front wheels folding frame aluminum alloy multi-position reclining anti-shock rear wheel suspension lockable quick-release hand brake parking brake easy-fold rear wheels self-standing compact storage as well as some other accessories.


How do you put a bassinet cover back on?

The cover should be put back on by first placing the tail of the strap through one side. Then, you should pull it tight and hook it to another end onto the snap hole at the corner of the bassinet.

Steps on How to put together a playpen

Step one: put the middle support bar in place and secure it with screws. Make sure all sections are already connected before doing so.

Step two: open up the playpen frame by lifting arms straight up.

Step three: push down on the center of the upper rail until you hear a click sound, then repeat the same process for the bottom rail.

Step four: Once finished locking into position, lower both sides back down flat against the floor or ground for safety. You will now have completed your assembly task! Enjoy playing around with your new playpen!


Where do the buckles go?

Place buckle tongues into end slots of buckle base, then push down onto child restraint until you hear a click. Make sure that the seat belt is flat and not twisted. This will allow for easier unbuckling when belted in a car seat.

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