How To Get Rid Of Smells In Fridge? 5 Best Home Remedies!

Are you interested in knowing how to get rid of smells in fridge? There are about five home remedies for this, and they sometimes depend on what fume you’re dealing with. And there are also some hacks and solutions that can work for all smelly problems. It can sometimes make you barf whenever you open a fridge that stores food and unpleasant smell. And there are various reasons why it stinks.

One of these reasons is your spoiled food, fruit, or milk. So, you better throw that away before it affects other components in your fridge. The cause can also be due to growing bacteria and molds, which could be dangerous when they come in contact with your food. It doesn’t matter if the odor is pleasant or terrible; we need to eliminate it. Or as much as possible, prevent this situation. So, stick around!

how to get rid of smells in fridge


Tips To Get Rid Of Smells In Your Fridge

We will avoid using household products with toxic chemicals to clean the unit in these tips and hacks. The soapy and chemical odors might penetrate the food, and they will taste weird once we ingest them. So instead, we’re going to use organic products that can suck all of the disturbing smell.

We can also teach you how to use them or in what way they can be effective. So now, we’re going to share with you the most helpful and effective hacks and tricks on how to get rid of smells in fridge. And here they are:


Tip #1. Deep clean using vinegar and baking soda

Once you start smelling an unpleasant odor in your fridge, you need to clean it immediately. Avoid using toxic sprays because we’re dealing with food storage. Instead, we’re going to use organic cleaning agents such as vinegar and baking soda. They can easily remove any contaminants that settle in the pipes and surfaces of your fridge. And removing them with baking soda also includes eliminating their smell. Both of these products can clean deep and extract the stench away from your fridge.

Note that you need to clean it all and not just scrub the sides with the food inside and the fridge turned on when cleaning. You have to detach all removable pieces and clean them one by one using your organic solution. Also, don’t forget to clean the dispensers and check any leaks in the compartments. Undrained water can also emit a disturbing smell.


Tip #2. Uncovered box of baking soda

Baking soda, as we all know, may be used for a variety of purposes. But it is mainly known for its ability to suck out odors, whether in our shoes, living room, or refrigerator. So, most homeowners use this hack to prevent any unpleasant odors in the fridge and prevent the smell from affecting the food.

The opened box can last for about 5-6 months. However, once you detect a smell evolving, you should replace it with a newly opened box. That is because you opened it, its lifespan decreased, and it can no longer absorb odors.


Tip #3. Carbon in charcoal

I’ve always wondered why there’s charcoal in my grandmother’s fridge. Have you encountered this situation too? Of course, it could be anyone’s fridge, and you’re curious why there’s charcoal inside the unit together with other foods. Well, we learned that it consists of pure carbon. And this element can absorb smells caused by organic molecules and other compounds. Additionally, activated charcoal has many pores on its surface, which could be essential to store all those smells in the fridge’s atmosphere. So, charcoal is a more effective fridge deodorizer.


Tip #4. When life gives you lemons, use them

Lemon slices will not only absorb the unpleasant smell, but it can also make your fridge smell fresh and fragrant. You don’t need to buy essential oils because this fruit can provide a natural atmosphere for your foods and goods. In addition, the slices can last for a week until they’ve thoroughly dried up.

This home remedy won’t work if you only put the whole lemon inside. So, you can slice it in half or distribute slices to every corner and shelf. One lemon is enough, and you can replace it after. It will help you save money and save lemons for other purposes such as lemonade. So, lemon slices are one of the brilliant life hacks to remove odor from your fridge.


Tip #5. Ground some coffee

If you’re some who’s addicted to coffee, then you should try this hack. It will eliminate unpleasant smells in your fridge and make it smell like iced coffee. Imagine waking up and opening the refrigerator with a hint of coffee in the cool air. That would be a fantastic way to begin your day.

You can place the coffee grounds evenly on a flat tray or put them in a bowl. One batch could last for about 1-2 days. And if you think that you’re wasting coffee, you can still use them as a fertilizer. Directly pour them into the soil of your plants, and Mother Nature should be proud.



And that is how to get rid of smells in fridge. As you can see, we exclusively utilize organic items that are widely available in our homes. Its difference with chemical-containing products is that it can eliminate the smell and avoid adding chemicals to the food. We hope you can eliminate the unpleasant smell as soon as possible so that you don’t have to feel sick every time you open it. Check this article on how to get rid of ants in bed out for more life hacks and home remedies. Best of luck!

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