How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Fridge? In 5 Easy Steps!

Have you seen some signs of cockroaches roaming inside your fridge and pondered, “how to get rid of roaches in fridge?” To get rid of roaches, begin by cleaning the areas of your refrigerator where the cockroaches may hide. You may also place some traps around the site where your fridge is located to capture and kill them. In addition, using natural repellants and other substances may help in eliminating these roaches.

Cockroaches usually hide and breed in the dark, humid areas, especially in refrigerators. They can get inside your fridge through gaps between the fridge door, cracks, and any opening underside.

how to get rid of roaches in fridge

Roaches do not tend to live inside your fridge because of its cold temperature, but they can go inside occasionally and feed on your food stored inside the refrigerator. Therefore, it is troublesome when roaches start to infest your fridge. So, as soon as you have seen a cockroach roaming around your fridge, eliminate it immediately.

Nevertheless, worry no more because we are here to help you remove these pesky pests in your fridge. So, how to get rid of roaches in your fridge?


Steps  To Get Rid Of Roaches In Fridge

Once roaches have contaminated your food inside your fridge, there is a possibility that it will cause you to harm your health. First, make sure that you have sealed the foods properly to prevent roaches from feeding on them. Unclean areas of your refrigerator may also attract insects, so it is necessary to clean them regularly.

Cockroach infestation inside your household is worrisome. It is best to perform preventive measures as soon as possible to avoid being anxious about these flying roaches that may cause health issues.

Do not fret, for here are the five easy steps on how to get rid of roaches in fridge.


Step #1. Inspecting the areas

To know that roaches are lurking in your refrigerator, you must examine the fridge first and its surrounding areas. Locating the place where these cockroaches hide is the first step to eliminating them. You may pull the refrigerator away from the wall to check its back part for any signs of cockroach nest. Search underneath the fridge, too, to ensure that you have not missed any hiding spots of these pests.


Step #2. Cleaning the areas

Once you have located the area where these roaches hide, start cleaning the entire fridge thoroughly. Dirt, damps, and stenches usually attract these roaches in your fridge, so it is better to clean them properly to avoid attracting any more pests. Empty the water pan found under your fridge and clean the components placed at the back of the fridge because these are the usual hiding spots of roaches.


Step #3. Sealing the gaps

Cracks, crevices, or any gaps from your refrigerator, cabinets, and walls allow these roaches to move freely around your home. First, search your fridge and its surrounding area for any cracks at least 1/8 inch; once you have located these gaps where roaches could get through, apply a sealant on them.


Step #4. Setting up traps

Set up some traps to catch and kill these pests to observe if the measures you made had progressed after cleaning the fridge and sealing the gaps where roaches usually lurk. After which, place the traps around your fridge in case these pests come back and on other areas inside your home where you see some signs of a cockroach infestation. You may use sticky traps in which the moment a cockroach passed on it, the adhesive will be able to trap it.


Step #5. Using repellants

There are a lot of natural repellants that are great in eliminating the roaches in the fridge. Natural repellants do not contain any harmful substances that may affect your health, so they are safe to use, especially inside your fridge, where you store your food. Bay leaves, detergent and water, lemon, and peppermint oil are some of the helpful organic repellants that may get rid of roaches in the fridge. To know more about natural repellants, click here for more DIY remedies to repel cockroaches.

You may always apply other substances when you do not have any of the organic repellants mentioned above. However, they may be dangerous for you, so avoid them from putting them inside the fridge.

For instance, you can use insecticidal dust to eliminate roaches. However, it should be only applied lightly under and around the refrigerator and not inside the fridge as it contains boric acid, which is dangerous and fatal. Regardless, you might want to learn how many amps a fridge uses to widen your knowledge.


Final Words

And those are the five easy steps on how to get rid of roaches in fridge. Roaches have been a common problem for almost every household because they may carry diseases and infect you and your family. Getting rid of them is easy, as long as you are willing to put out your work and patience.

Furthermore, remember that cleanliness will always be the one that eliminates these pests inside your home. Therefore, observe proper hygiene and maintain orderliness to prevent these roaches from coming back to your fridge.

Furthermore, always perform some preventive measures to ensure that your fridge is insect-free. Lastly, if you feel that the cockroach infestation has been getting serious, it is time for you to call some professional help to control these annoying insects. For more articles check out on how to get rid of bed bugs in couch. Thanks for reading!

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