How To Get Rid Of Old Bed Frame? 5 Easy Ways To Do It!

If you are planning for a big lifestyle change.

Then, it may include knowing how to get rid of old bed frame.

how to get rid of old bed frames

This is especially true in circumstances where the bed frame does not look aesthetically pleasing anymore.

Or you simply outgrow them.

Maybe, there another bed frame that has caught your attention that made you want to replace the old one with this.

Now, the dilemma will be how to get rid of it.

Can you just throw away the old bed frame?

When it comes to disposing of your old bed frame.

There are different courses of action that you can employ.

Stay tuned because we will be discussing them below.


Ways To Get Rid Of Old Bed Frame

As mentioned you can dispose of the old bed frame in many ways.

However, how to get rid of old bed frame?

You have to analyze thoroughly which one will work best for you.


Method #1. Sell it online

If you think that your bed frame still has value.

Then, you may be able to recoup some of its cost by putting it in on sale.

Try to search for various marketplaces online to get an idea of how the same products are sold.

In case the cost is worth the trouble you’ll have to go through, then why not?

Just take some photos of your bed frame and then post them online.

Some of the common destinations that you may try are Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay.


Method #2. Throw it away properly

Selling is not the only way to dispose of your old bed frame.

It can be draining to deal with strangers, decide on the time for pick up as well as shipping.

Furthermore, the entire process of finding a buyer through different marketplaces can time much of your time.

So if you are not eager enough to spend time on this.

You would probably opt to throw the bed frame away.

Just make sure to do it properly.

You can check around your area to find out if there’s a removal service near you.

Just a phone call to them will do to ask for their availability.

But take note that this may include some fees.

In case you can afford the services of a junk removal professional.

It would also be good since they know better what to do on these things.

But you can just dump it by yourself if you are on a budget.

However, this is not environmental-friendly.


Method #3. Donating it

Another method to consider in getting rid of your old bed frame is to donate it to a charity.

The local shelters in your area may need more bed frames.

Also, it would be noble of you to give them to one of those shelters.

What’s even good about this method is that their volunteers may willingly take the bed frame from your house.

Making the process of disposing of it easier at your end.

But take note that the bed frame must be in a good condition.

Otherwise, the charities won’t accept it.


Method #4. Putting it on curb

If the methods above seem not to work for you, you may also put them on the curb.

This is the most common method applied in various residential areas.

With this, anyone who might need a bed frame can easily access it.

Not only that but the bed frame will also be made available for trash collectors.

But remember that your area might have a particular regulation regarding this.

You can inquire to the local authorities on how are you going to do it.

In some cases, there is a central area for disposed furniture.

You will just have to pay for fees in getting them picked up at your place.

The rule may vary across different states when it comes to the proper packing and pickup of old bed frames.

Knowing all these details beforehand will make the pursuit go smoothly for you.


Method #5. Calling for bed frame removal services

Another excellent option that works for most people is going for bed frame removal services.

A lot of people would opt for this especially when they do not have any means of transporting the bed frame just by themselves.

If you call them, they will be coming over to your apartment or house and remove the bed frame for you.

You might as well ask them to remove your old mattress or any other heavy items you have at home.

After they are done removing these items.

The professionals will transport them and recycle or repurpose them into other useful things.


It’s A Wrap!

There is a lot of ways that you can do on how to get rid of old bed frame.

If they are in good condition, you can give them away or even sell them at a good cost.

Otherwise, just dispose of them properly.

Put the bed frame on a trailer or truck and haul it towards a local landfill.

But you can also call junk removal and hauling service to take it away.

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