How To Get Rid Of Mold Mites On Computer: Easy 3-Step Guide

Moisture and food crumbs are primarily making bugs love their stay on your device. Recognizing how to get rid of mold mites on computer is easy and feasible enough to save not only the wellness of your device, but of your health as well. 

Mold mites, just like the airborne molds, have precisely the same preference to shelter. Moisture or high humidity levels in your room will attract mold mites as they feed on mold-causing microorganisms.

how to get rid of mold mites on computer

Places with a tropical climate are more likely to attract mold mites due to the high dampness level of the environment.

Besides electronic devices such as computers, you can commonly find bugs in appliances such as refrigerators and heaters. However, you can always avoid them.

To know how to prevent mold in refrigerator read this guide for good prevention tips.

Mold mites are also drawn to a food source such as crumbs or oil residue on your fingers. If you’re a person who enjoys snacking on foods in front of your computer, then there’s a high chance that mold mites would invade your device’s components.


How Do I Spot Mold Mites In My Computer?

The nearly microscopic mold mites usually dwell under your computer keys. However, if you are hinting that a mite invasion is occurring in your device, you’ll need to do some inspections.

One evidence is the live or dead bugs running across your monitor. You can also see critters crawling in and out of your computer laptop ports.

The second indication of mites in your computer is the presence of biomass or the particles cast off by mites as they pass through their life stages. These can include skin sheds, feces, dead or live bugs, or food slops.

Biomass of mold mites may appear in a gray or brown dust color around your computer components, especially in the monitor, keyboard, or other close locations. Also, if you ever see bugs marching their way across your room, that may be an indication that these bugs are finding a new and more suitable hiding place.

Mold mites can go unnoticed unless they begin appearing in battalions, so spotting a parade of bugs is a sign of severe infestation.


3-Step Guide On Mold Mite Removal

Physically debugging your device can harm your device. However, there are simple ways you can follow to get rid of mold mites without damaging your computer.


Step #1. Controlling humidity

By regulating the humidity level around your device, mold mites can effortlessly back out inhabiting your laptop. Relocating your computer to a cool and dry place can help reduce mold mites.

You can also set an effective dehumidifier for your room and your computer.

However, as this humidity regulator device helps eliminate mold and mold mites, it can also target mold infestation. When you see pink furry dust on your dehumidifier, that indicates the presence of annoying molds.

To avoid it from happening, you can check out this article that will guide you on how to prevent pink mold in humidifier..


Step #2. Removing food source

Disposing of any holed food packs can also help get rid of bugs. If there is no food source, mold mites cannot survive.

Ensure to dispose of them properly in a sealed trash bin outside your home.


Step #3. Bombing mite residues

After controlling the humidity and eliminating any food sources, you may need to eradicate the remaining mite debris inside your computer. This debris may include the dead or remaining living mites.

You can hold a pressurized air canister to blast away any remains to hide behind your keys. If possible, open up your laptop before doing it.


What Are The Other Computer Bugs I Need To Watch Out For?

Other common types of computer mites might live and harm your electronic device aside from mold mites. These include:

  • Dust mites
  • Bird mites
  • Household spider mites
  • Bed bugs
  • Ants


What Can I Do To Prevent Computer Mites From Infesting My Device?

The steps to preventing computer mites from living in your room and on your device are relatively the same as how to get rid of them.

  1. Avoid eating in front of your laptop. If you can’t help it, immediately clean any crumbs or spills you left while eating.
  2. Clean your keyboard and touchpad regularly. Just be sure to do it safely.
  3. Always keep your computer ports in check. This way, you can quickly determine if bugs are living on your computer.
  4. Store your laptop in a clean area if stocking it for quite a long time. Ensure that you don’t put your computer directly on a carpet (keep it elevated) to prevent bugs from entering its holes.
  5. Most importantly, keep your room clean and free from dampness. Organize your foods in a tightly sealed container to deprive bugs of feeding on them.



Keeping your environment clean and in moderate humidity is the key on how to get rid of mold mites on computer. The remediation is simple, given that you detect them early and the mites haven’t multiplied to battalions yet.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to call on experts for a safe and effective mold mite extermination.

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