Easy 4-Step Guide On How To Get Rid Of Mold In Terrarium

Do you have a green thumb? Well, you should read on for guides on how to get rid of mold in terrarium.

If ever you have the gift of growing plants, you should definitely try making terrariums. In modern plant obsession, terrariums are becoming a trend for home decoration especially for people living in small spaces.

how to get rid of mold in terrarium

Unlike gardening, terrariums are low-maintenance and easy to take care of. However, they are still vulnerable to mold spoilage.


Factors To Consider Why Mold Grow In Terrarium

Even though terrariums are low-maintenance and don’t require much attention unlike other indoor plants, you should not reject the possibility of mold infestation. To help you get rid of mold in your terrarium, here are some factors to consider.



The most common problem in cultivating terrarium is overwatering which not just makes plants rot, but creates mold chances as well. If you are a plantsman and you want to try making a terrarium, you must know that the amount of water in a terrarium varies on the type of plant and its container.

A closed type terrarium is good on an average watering of once a month, since it is capable of recycling water moisture. On the other hand, watering an open terrarium depends on the condition of the soil, but it’s okay to water it once a week. 


Irregular ventilation

Plants inside an enclosed terrarium can recycle air which allows airflow to keep on. If you want to remove the lid of your terrarium to let fresh air in, there’s nothing to worry about because it won’t damage your plants.

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In fact, it would prevent mold germination because the air inside terrariums warms over time. Then, regular ventilation must be considered for your terrarium condition.


High humidity

Places where there’s high humidity are what mold loves to thrive in. To check if your terrarium has high humidity, simply look at your container walls and see if there are moisture bubbles on them.

Because of the warm temperature, moisture bubbles are formed and it could affect the entire ecosystem. To avoid that, all you have to do is wipe the moisture with a dry towel and it’s good to go.


Soil condition

To get rid of mold, you’ll need to choose the right soil and create a perfect soil condition for your terrarium. It is recommended to include high organic matters like coco — coir, peat moss, and earthworm castings to help your plants thrive longer.

Since organic matters are introduced in your terrarium, mold will likely inhabit the soil. To prevent that, you have to consider layering sand, pebbles, charcoal, and soil for proper drainage and good airflow.


Getting Rid Of Mold In Terrarium

Mold can appear in different parts of your terrarium in the presence of white fluff or webbing and can be seen in a variety of hues. Without further ado, let’s get rid of nasty mold in your terrarium.


Step #1. Mold removal

If mold started to grow in walls, rocks, and plants, you could easily wipe, scrape, or discard the affected areas to prevent mold from spreading. You could use forceps, tweezers, scrapers, and a towel in the process.


Step #2. Pruning and plant replacement

When your plants are overgrown and become overcrowded, you should prune or replace them to avoid condensation. The higher the moisture level, it sets the opportunity for mold germination in plants.


Step #3. Changing soil

If you think the soil of your terrarium has started to mold, it’s time for you to replace it. Changing the soil will not just prevent mold from spreading, but it could flourish your plants more.


Step #4. Organic fungicide

You should also consider using organic fungicides like chamomile tea. It could refresh your terrarium as it has a mild effect that could eliminate mold spores.


Cool tips for a mold-free terrarium

A terrarium is a self-sustaining ecosystem where life cycles take place which allows biological organisms and other inhabitants to benefit each other. Since terrarium involves the use of organic materials, there’s a possibility of mold growth.

You probably don’t want these molds to destroy the aesthetic display of your terrarium. Then, here are cool tips for a mold-free terrarium:

  • Don’t overwater your terrarium as it could rot your plants and therefore lead to mold growth.
  • Prune plants that are overgrowing and remove dead leaves at least once a month.
  • Use a recommended soil type for a terrarium.
  • Create a layer of rocks and soil for better drainage and airflow.
  • Ventilate your terrarium enough.

If you want to learn more, you should check these guides on how to get rid of mold in germinating seeds and how to get rid of mold in mulch. These articles will definitely provide you with more knowledge and gardening tips.



A terrarium is an enclosed environment and could be compared to a mini-greenhouse. In actual fact, it can thrive for a long period with a perfectly balanced ecosystem.

Indeed, mold is the number one enemy of terrariums. Therefore, the key to their longevity is learning how to get rid of mold in terrarium.

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