How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Sofa In 3 Steps

Do not fret if you’re unsure how to get rid of bed bugs in your sofa because we created a three-step tutorial. We will go through the process from cleaning to chemical treatment to help hasten the bed bug elimination. But why do you even have bed bugs on the couch when they are commonly found in the bed?

This article will also tackle why you found these critters in a place that is not the bed. However, we recommend that you read this article on how to dispose of bed bug mattresses. It will help you address the infestation further because you can also use it on your sofa if it’s severely affected. 

how to get rid of bed bugs in your sofa


How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Sofa Effectively and Quickly


Step 1. Wash and clean everything you can

  • Deconstruct your sofa and clean every part accordingly
  • The sofa covers might be washable in the washing machine, while some parts can only be compatible with the vacuum cleaner
  • Check the cleaning code on your couch because some materials might not be recommended for high-temperature cleaning or exposure to moisture
  • Place the materials in the washer and run it with hot water
  • After washing, tumble dry the items to kill the different stages of bed bugs
  • If you can’t use the washing machine or get the sofa wet, vacuum it thoroughly with the upholstery attachment
  • Target the cracks and crevices where bed bugs can hide
  • Have several plastic bags ready so you can safely seal the removed critters and not accidentally bring them to the other parts of the house
  • After washing or vacuuming, place the sofa cushions in a plastic bag and leave them outside
  • Allow the sun to kill any remaining bed bugs that might hide on the couch cushions
  • Place the sofa fabrics in the freezer because low temperatures can kill bed bugs as well

Step 2. Steam off the sofa

  • After eliminating all life stages of bed bugs in the sofa fabrics and cushions, the next part to check is the furniture frame
  • Furniture frame is not recommended to be frozen or expose to high heat, so the best way to get rid of the bed bugs hiding in the sofa frame is with a steamer
  • Set the steamer to 120°F and attach a pinpoint nozzle to target the hidden areas of the frame easily
  • You can also cover the tip with a microfiber cloth to get better steam distribution and remember to have a lot of water on hand to sustain the steaming of the large furniture
  • Do not oversaturate the sofa frame and let it dry thoroughly with the help of a fan in the room

Step 3. Apply chemicals or use traps

  • For heavy infestations, it would be best that you also treat your home with chemicals
  • Chemical sprays can offer an extended period of protection, but natural bed bug sprays might suffice in some cases
  • Consult an exterminator before using chemical treatment because it can be dangerous, especially for an indoor setting
  • Some sofas might also get damaged when exposed to harsh chemicals, so natural and non-toxic sprays are the better option
  •  If your sofa material is delicate, use bed bug traps around the furniture legs to prevent bed bugs from crawling onto it 

How Did I Get Bed Bugs On My Couch?

There are different ways for bed bugs to come into your home because they can hitch a ride from one infested place to another. For example, you might bring an infested furniture, box, luggage, bag, or even clothing near the sofa, where they end up hiding and multiplying. This is also another reason you must be careful when you notice bed bugs on the mattress because you might carry them in the living room when disposing of the bugs or the bed itself. 

Signs of bed bugs on the sofa

  1. Reddish-brown adults and translucent nymphs 
  2. Exoskeletons that look like the actual insect on the sofa
  3. Small rice-like eggs in the dark crevices of the furniture 
  4. Black specks from dried blood or bed bug excrements on the couch fabric

Should I Throw Away My Couch If It Has Bed Bugs?

You don’t immediately need to throw away your sofa if it has bed bugs because you might catch the infestation early. Cleaning the couch and using treatments and traps can eradicate the issue. Calling professionals would be your best solution for severe infestations, especially if you can’t consider throwing out the furniture because of its sentimental value. 

Do note that treating the couch should not be your only solution when you find out about a bed bug infestation. Critters can hide in other cracks and crevices around the house. Therefore, you must eliminate the entire bed bug population to ensure that the problem won’t reoccur in the future.



Bed bugs can also be couch bags if they decide to hitch a ride. Therefore, you must know how to get rid of bed bugs in your sofa effectively and quickly. First, wash, vacuum, freeze, and steam all the parts of the furniture accordingly. 

Then, use chemical or natural sprays further to kill the remaining bed bugs in the sofa. Be sure that you’ll also inspect and clean all the cracks and crevices around the house to eradicate the infestation completely. And if needed, call a professional to handle severe infestations.  


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