How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Clothes And Luggage? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to get rid of bed bugs in clothes and luggage?

If you like to travel and stay in hotels, you might as well consider checking up the place first before chilling.

There might be pests that can harm you and your loved ones.

Bed bugs mostly invade commercial properties;

Like hotels, retail stores, warehouses, medical centers, farmland, and buildings.

This type of pests is alarming.

They can transfer from one location to another and spread infection easily.

Bed bugs are insects from the genus Cimex that feeds on blood.

If you get bitten by the bug, many health impacts may happen, like skin rashes, allergic reactions, and even psychological effects.

Bed bugs bite may infect skin that ranges from redness to prominent blisters.

But then we can always find ways to get rid of them, especially on things we usually contact.


What Are Bed Bugs?

In the name itself, bed bugs are found not only in bed but also in your furniture.

They are small types of insects that live on the blood of humans and also animals.

They usually prey on their victims during the night when they’re asleep.

According to research, the number one cause of bed bugs is traveling.

Bed bugs can be everywhere and it can be hard to identify if you caught one in your travel.

This then spread the infestation to more and more people.

To prevent that from happening, your luggage will be your topmost priority.

It isn’t easy if you caught one in your luggage.

Bed bugs can stay alive in your luggage for up to four months without eating anything.

If you weren’t able to notice them, there is a chance for you to bring those pests to your lovely home.


Steps To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Clothes and Luggage

So, how to get rid of bed bugs in clothes and luggage?


Step # 1: Inspect the room you will be staying

When traveling and upon arrival in your hotel room, do inspect your luggage first.

Check if any unrecognized pests are clinging to your luggage from the trip you had.

After, check the hotel room you are staying in.

Most hotels do not notice that they have this type of pests harming their customers.

An overview of the room is not enough, so you must get a closer look at the place you will be staying.

Always check the bed first. Is it clean? Are the sheets new?

Don’t you find any foreign object disturbing?

Are there any bloodstains of bed bugs?

Make sure that there are no signs of bed bugs.

Checking the bed isn’t enough.

You must also check the cabinets and drawers found in your room.

There might be pests living there.

Any furniture inside your hotel room may be a place for bed bugs to stay.


Step # 2: Keep your clothes bed bugs free

To make sure bed bugs won’t infest your clothes.

Instead of taking your clothes out of your luggage, use the drawers or cabinets provided in your hotel room.

Could you keep it safe inside your luggage?

Also, make sure that you clean your things before and after using them.

When changing, put your used clothes in tightly sealed bags like Ziplocs’ to prevent bed bugs from crawling into your clothes.

It is also suggested that you wear suitcase bags.

It can help prevent bed bugs from crawling into the seams and hidden crevices of your luggage.

It is more preventable than the luggage.


Step # 3: Inspect again as you go

When you are about to go back home, check your things first.

Inspect it the same way, just like when you arrived from home.

Make sure you won’t be bringing any pets to your home.

Check if your luggage doesn’t have any bed bugs clinging to it.


Step # 4: Clean your clothes and luggage

Once you are home, take out all your clothes in the luggage and launder them in hot water and detergent.

After, dry heat your clothes on low for at least 20 minutes.

It is said that it can kill whatever bugs there are.

For your luggage, make sure to vacuum and, if possible, freeze them.

It can kill any remaining pests clinging to your luggage.


Step # 5: Keep it clean

Always clean your things after going on a travel.

You never know what pests or any infection you may bring to your lovely home.

Bed bugs can multiply easily.

Following some preventive measures won’t ruin your vacation.

This is to ensure that you wouldn’t be bringing unwanted or unwelcomed guests to your home.



If infestation ever happens and is uncontrollable.

Make sure to contact the pest services or any professional pest control.

Stop the infestation and treat it right away.

There is nothing wrong with inspecting your things.

It is just a way to be safe from any sickness you may get.

So that is how to get rid of bed bugs in clothes and luggage.

Travelling is fun, but it is more fun to enjoy it without being bothered by the pests there may be.

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