How To Get Rid Of A Fridge For Free? 3 Easy Ways!

It can be a nightmare to dispose of your old refrigerator so you might be wondering how to get rid of a fridge for free. That is because fridge removal services can cost some bucks.

Just to save money, you might have already tried to move the fridge on your own. For sure, you knew that this isn’t a job for one person. This is especially true if you have rough flooring.

how to get rid of a fridge for free

A fridge can be very awkward and heavy to move. More importantly, you cannot throw out your fridge just like that. Let’s say you managed to get your fridge onto the curb, the majority of disposal services will not pick up the old fridge.

With that being said, it can be hard to dispose of your refrigerator and it often requires you to pay for the services. Fortunately, there are different ways on how to get rid of them for free. Plus, they can be very easy on your part. So, how to get rid of a fridge for free?


Ways On How To Get Rid Of A Fridge For Free

We have chosen to discuss some of the stress-free ways in getting rid of a fridge that will not cost you some bucks. Read more to find out.


Way #1. Recycling the old fridge

Some localities have regulations which allow the recycling of old fridges but some don’t. If it meets the protocols, then it can be recycled. Just call the office of the state energy or electric utility company in your local area. Some environmental organizations and local utilities would also sponsor recycling programs.

This is because recycling fridges are better for the environment. It helps reduce greenhouse gasses while limiting ozone damage at the same time. Recycling is also great since it cut back energy use and landfill waste.

That is possible since it prevents the toxic substances to be released into the water, soil, and air.cBut this will require you to haul the unit yourself into the closest recycling facility. Remember that a fridge can be heavy.


Way #2. Throwing the fridge

You might be tempted to just throw away the fridge and just leave it to the city on what would they do with it. However, this is bad for the environment. But the trash service in your local area may pick up large appliances like your fridge. You just need to contact them about two weeks early.


Way #3. Donate it

Local charities may accept fridge donations if it is still in good condition. You can contact them to check whether or not they will accept your fridge. But you will need to haul it yourself onto the drop-off center.

But some charities would also offer free pick up. They will come to your place to pick up the appliance for you. Meaning to say, you no longer need to worry about how will drop off the unit at the donation center making this convenient on your part.



Question #1. Who offers free fridge disposal near me?

Only a few services offer free disposal of refrigerators, even the recycling center can charge you for dropping off an item. But some utility companies offer pickup services for free for appliances that suck energy. Remember that the fridge must still be working when your request their services.

If there are no free disposal services, a lot of refrigerator pickups are available online at an affordable price. This alternative is also stress-free and it cost very low. LoadUp is one example that offers such services.


Question #2. Will the scrap man take my fridge?

The scrap man will not take your fridge due to two reasons. One of which is the local legislation. Another reason is the fact that a fridge is hazardous in nature.


Question #3. How to get rid of a fridge freezer for free?

If it is still working, you can donate it to others. Charities would even offer to collect it themselves. You can also book it online. Check their website to know the list of the thing they may take.


Question #4. Who can pick up an old fridge in the UK for free?

Some companies such as Scrap my Appliance may come and collect any unwanted appliances. They will then dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. A lot of organizations also offer services removing appliances responsibly.


Question #5. How to get rid of a non-working fridge?

The department of public works or the waste management division in your area may pick up heavy trash and recycle them. Contact them to get more information. You can also talk to the local metal scrap recycler. Many of them can offer recycling services for appliances like freezers and fridges.


It’s A Wrap!

When you ask how to get rid of a fridge for free, then the options can be tricky. Most of them also involve hauling the fridge by yourself. But yes, you may get rid of them without paying anything.

Try calling energy companies in your local area that collect working fridges. You can even get a rebate in this case. But you can also wait for the free trash pickup that the waste management division offers.

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