How To Get Out Of Bed With Depression? 8 Best Tips!

Some days feel like conquering the world and making the day yours.

But, there are also days where you catch yourself wondering, “how to get out of bed with depression?”

There are inevitable days where you feel like a pitter-patter of rain.

And you catch yourself laying or sitting at the corners of your bed, alone, with no reason or purpose to get up in the morning.

Thankfully, you are reading the right article.

Today, we’re going to explore the different ways you can do to convince yourself to get out of bed with depression.

Let us strive to make your bad day a little bit better, one step at a time!


Tips To Get Out Of Bed With Depression

You are meant to conquer the world every day.

And your first step is opening your eyes and seeing the beauty of the world.

But depression could be brutal as it would force you to close your eyes and dive into the deepest depths of sleep.

However, there are still several things that you can do to wake up.


Tip #1. Starting slow by sitting up

Even the simple act of sitting up can make a significant impact on your day.

Start by placing your pillows at an upward angle to assist you in sitting up.

You may also use an additional pad for extra support.


Tip #2. Think about breakfast

A cup of coffee or a platter of bacon and eggs can brighten one’s day.

When you feel like not feeling anything, think about breakfast.

The sight of ham, bacon, eggs, and even waffles can stimulate hunger and make your stomach grumble.

But, on the other hand, it can motivate you to try to get yourself out of bed.

Keep in mind that this tip might not work for everyone as some of you might be going through a loss of appetite due to depression.

However, take note that eating something in the morning can stimulate your brain.

Also, it helps you wake up, even if it is just a slice of bread.

Also, take note that your stomach should not be empty when taking medications in the morning.


Tip #3. Set an alarm

As annoying as it seems, setting the alarm is one of the classic ways to force you to wake up.

Put at least three alarms on your clock or phone.

Make sure to place your phone or clock somewhere that is out of reach.

Please take note that it is easy to climb back to your bed and sleep after shutting one alarm.

Thus, setting multiple ones is necessary.

The probability is, you will be annoyed by the third alarm and decide to wake up.


Tip #4. List your blessings

Although it may seem old-fashioned, writing your thoughts after waking up is a great way to stimulate your brain.

Get your paper and pen, write down all the things you are grateful for, and read them out loud afterward.

You may also write your blessings at night before you sleep and read them when you wake you.

Doing this will remind you that there are great things in life outside the four walls of your room.


Tip #5. Cuddle with your pet

According to several studies, cuddling and snuggling your pets produce higher levels of oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a love hormone that heightens the feeling of love and happiness in both you and your pet.

That is why, when you are feeling down, a daily dose of happiness is characterized by a furry ball of sunshine.

Just like your dog or your kitten can brighten your day.

If you also think that everything you do does not matter.

Interacting with your pet will make you realize that someone out there looks up to you and loves you with all their heart.


Tip #6. Take your time

People always say, “bread dough rises when you let it rest.”

So, therefore, take all the time you need to get ready.

Life is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Thus take the joy of getting ready by not rushing yourself.

You may stay in bed for a bit while surfing the internet and looking at funny, adorable videos of kittens.

It is okay to stay in bed for a bit longer, checking your emails or doing the most random things.

As long as you ensure yourself that you’re not going to stay there the whole day.


Tip #7. Light therapy

The best way to brighten one’s day is none other than having a dose of light.

Open the window near your bed and sit in front of the light for around 20 minutes.


Tip #8. Ask for help

You are battling with something, and your mind is ricocheting about the things you did and did not do that made you miserable.

And as depression clawed at the edges of your brain.

You ought to wonder how you would survive this day, how to get out of bed with depression.

The truth is, sometimes the best way is to ask for help or talk with somebody.

For example, if you share a home with somebody, ask them to wake you up or sit with you when you are sleeping.

Sometimes waking up in a good mood means listening to uplifting inspiration chatters for five minutes.

You may also consult a mental health professional to help you establish your treatment plan.


Wrapping Up

Going through depression is like walking a dark tunnel.

You are not sure when you will reach another opening.

But every day, the sun rises to give you light and guide you to a brighter road.

Make sure to get up and greet it.

This guide has provided you eight ways on how to get out of bed with depression.

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Do not forget. It is time to rise and shine.

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