How To Get Mold Stains Out Of Carpet: 2 Easy DIY Methods

So now you cannot sit down comfortably on your carpeted floor because you first need to learn how to get mold stains out of carpet. Worry no more because this guide will help you remove that thing without making rookie mistakes. 

Cleaning a carpet is already a challenge in itself as it can accumulate dust, dirt, and other contaminants. However, this guide will specifically aid homeowners in making the task less heavier.

how to get mold stains out of carpet


Getting Rid Of The Mold From The Carpet

There are different kinds of methods one can try to use in the mold remediation process. Upon skimming through these methods, you will know what’s right and fit for your situation.


Method #1. Using household solutions

When you have finally spotted the presence of mold, do not delay the cleaning process. A delay would mean more opportunity for mold to spread across the carpet.

It is easy to point out mold infestation. This article on how to identify mold can serve as your refresher if you want a review or a guide if you are a newbie on this. 

If you are trying to be wary of the possibility of black molds, you can check out this article on how to identify black mold easily. As it is known for its toxicity, this guide will become handy for similar situations you may encounter in the future.

You can also know if there is mold lurking around the house by simply not ignoring your bodily symptoms. Molds are known to cause respiratory issues and trigger allergic reactions especially to those who have a compromised immune system.

As such, you must take safety precautions to avoid the worst case scenario from happening. Clad yourself in safety gear such as gloves, goggles, and N-95 masks or P-100 respirators. If you think you are not capable enough to deal with the amount of mold that your house has, leave the task to a mold remediation service.

As part of the pre-cleaning phase, get a broom and start sweeping the visible dirt, dust, and mold. This will make the following steps easier to perform. You should also vacuum the affected area of the carpet to further remove the visible mold.

Make sure to throw the content of the vacuum bag directly into the garbage in order to avoid the mold spores from circulating in the air and affecting the air quality inside the house. This is still highly recommended even though you are wearing safety masks.

Now, you can proceed to creating a cleaning solution. In an empty and clean bucket, mix an adequate amount of dishwashing liquid and water. Drench a sponge on the solution and scrub the affected area.

During the drying process, put the carpet on a place with direct access to sunlight. If you think you cannot move the carpet outside, simply pat the affected area with a dry towel or rag. However, you cannot use a fan in drying the wet part as it will cause mold spores to circulate in the air and regrow somewhere else.

Make sure to dry the carpet completely as the remaining moisture will serve as a breeding ground for mold colonies. This will just turn your effort, time, and resources into a complete waste if ever. 


Method #2. Using the toughness of bleach

If the previous method did not work on your mold problem, you can try another do-it-yourself approach. First of all, do a base cleaning of the carpet by using a steam cleaner. If you happen to not own one, you can apply scrubbing by using a rag that is drenched on a cleaning solution made of a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water.

When the initial surface is finally out of any visible mold, create another cleaning solution. This time you are going to mix a cup of household bleach with a gallon of water. Instead of using a rug or a hard-bristled scrub brush, you will be applying the solution directly to the affected area.

Let the solution penetrate into the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, since you should not allow any lingering moisture, use a steam cleaner to suck up any remaining watery part. You can also further dry the area by patting the affected part with a dry towel.

However, for areas of the carpet that are not visible to the naked eye, perform a spot removal test. Through this, you can make sure that you have really got rid of all molds that might be present on your carpet.

Before anything else, you can also try to open the windows and doors to create good ventilation. A poor one might also lead to mold contamination inside the house. Thus, it is also advisable to do so.

Be reminded as well that these cleaning solutions should be applied as thoroughly as possible. The solutions stated in this guide will not be held accountable for any mishaps that may occur during the cleaning process.

If you want to prevent the same situation from happening, you can try prevention tips and tricks online. You can also try learning how to use Concrobium Mold Control using these helpful FAQs.



Learning how to get mold stains out of carpet may not be an easy task but it does not have to be a hassle either. This guide has proven such so you can have a cleaning experience that is free of head-scratching and forehead-creasing times.

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