Home Care: 2 Easy Ways On How To Get Mold Out Of A Mattress

In this article, we have two techniques to share with you on how to get mold out of a mattress. It’s easy; you can choose between rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to remove the mold.

Beyond mold removal, we’ve also explained how mold grows on a mattress. This article is packed with information, so read it until the end!


Mold On A Mattress

The way mold grows is not unfamiliar to us. It is commonly seen in damp and dark places of your home. However, they can also grow on the things you use every day, like mattresses. Find out more about molds on mattresses as you read this article. 


How does mold grow in a mattress?

Mold feeds on moisture. Hence, the reason it is on your mattress might be because it was damp.

Another reason may be due to wall or ceiling leaks that got to your bed. In short, water damage is the reason why mold grows on mattresses. 


How do you identify mold growth in a mattress?

Mold growth first shows up as black dots on the mattress. However, just these spots are difficult to determine for mold growth.

What you will notice more than the spots is the smell. You can’t miss the musty odor of mold. If you find yourself with a dank-smelling mattress, then you have mold contamination.


How does mold growth on mattresses affect people?

Mold growth affects people in a variety of ways. Some people are more vulnerable to molds, such as those with respiratory issues and children. Pregnant women and the elderly are also susceptible to mold.

The health effects of mold on mattresses range from skin allergies to respiratory issues, like mold-induced asthma. Since mold on beds can be dangerous, you must remove them. You’ll find the steps in removing mold out of mattresses below. 


Steps In Removing Mold Out Of A Mattress

There are two methods in getting mold out of a mattress. We’ll look into both of them below. 

Identifying mold on a mattress is an essential step in removing it. Here is an article about identifying mold by color to guide you.


Method #1. Rubbing alcohol

Mold growth on fabrics is challenging to deal with since bleach may damage the fabric. So, here is an alternative to bleach or vinegar — rubbing alcohol. 


Step #1. Prepare

The things you need for this method are rubbing alcohol, two clean cloths, warm water, and a vacuum cleaner.


Step #2. Vacuum

Use your vacuum to loosen and remove the dirt on both sides of the mattress. We recommend you to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are more capable of containing mold than the standard vacuum filters.


Step #3. Cleaning solution

After loosening and removing visible mold, you have to prepare the rubbing alcohol solution. The cleaning mixture is just equal parts of rubbing alcohol and warm water. 


Step #4. Scrub and rinse

After making the rubbing alcohol solution, dip a clean cloth and wring it out. Then, scrub the mold stain in a circular motion. 

Use another cloth and dip it in warm water. Then, wring it out so it doesn’t get too wet. Then, rinse the affected area. 


Step #5. Spray and dry

After rinsing the affected area, spray an upholstery disinfectant on the mattress. Then, leave the bed to dry out under the sun. 


Method #2. Hydrogen peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide to get mold out of a mattress takes longer than the first method. It takes longer because you have to repeat the process multiple times.

Also, before you use this method, make sure to check if you can use a bleaching agent on your mattress. If not, go with the first technique. 


Step #1. Materials

The things you need for this DIY mold removal project are hydrogen peroxide, a nylon brush, a vacuum cleaner, and warm water.


Step #2. Vacuum

Like with the first method, vacuum both sides of the mattress to remove visible mold and dirt. 


Step #3. Solution and scrub

After vacuuming, prepare the hydrogen peroxide solution by mixing three parts of water and one part of hydrogen peroxide. After making the mixture, dip the nylon brush into the solution. Then, scrub off the remaining mold on the mattress. 


Step #4. Under the sun

After scrubbing the mattress, put it under the sun to kill the mold. Then, spray the solution on the mattress’s surface. 


Step #5. Repeat

After it has dried, repeat steps three and four to eradicate the mold spores. That’s it; that’s how you remove mold from a mattress. If you wish to know more about mold removal, we have an article about removing mold from furniture fabric that may help you.



It is vital to learn how to get mold out of a mattress because it may cause health problems. Also, it would be uncomfortable to sleep on a bed that smells like something rotten, right?

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