A Comprehensive Guide On How To Get Mildew Out Of A Mattress

If you don’t know how to get mildew out of a mattress, then this post is helpful. All you need to do is apply a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol, then scrub it.

There is also other information in this article that might be helpful for you. Like knowing what mildew is and if it can grow in your mattress. 

how to get mildew out of a mattress

Another is how and why you should get rid of mildew in your mattress. As well as the materials you’ll need in doing so. 

It is better for you to just keep on reading!


What Is Mildew?

According to FEMA, mildew is just a mold in its early stage. These are fungi that can develop on decaying matter, organic materials, and even in fabrics.   

So, how long does it take for mildew to grow? According to the linked article, mildew only needs one to two days after exposure for them to develop.

You can immediately spot a mildew growth because of its color — a gray or white one. It is also powder-like, causing it to grow only on the surface of the infested material. 


Can Mildew Grow On My Mattress?

Mold and mildew don’t give any exemption. It could grow in fabrics, so yes, they could ruin your mattresses too. 

This unfortunate thing is possible because of bacteria and humidity. Paying attention to mattress maintenance is highly recommended to avoid the two from mixing up.

However, it is understandable that not every mattress owner can regularly check their mattresses. If you are one of those owners, you certainly need to read the next part of this post carefully. 


What Do I Need In Removing Mildew From Mattress?

Prepare these materials before you start removing the mildew in your mattress.

  • Vacuum
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • Cloth
  • Dish or spray bottle
  • Disinfectant


How To Remove Mildew In Mattress

To get mildew out of a mattress, follow the given instructions.

Step #1. You have to clean your mattress using a vacuum. A vacuum will help you remove unnecessary particles in your mattress like dust.

Also, get rid of any loose material in your mattress. Blankets and pillows should also be removed from the area — make it as clean as possible.

Step #2. Prepare the mildew cleaning solution by mixing the water and the alcohol equally. You can put the mixture into a spray bottle but if you can’t, a large dish will do.  

Step #3. Apply the mixture in the mattress area infected by mildew. You may use the cloth by dipping it in the dish, or you can just spray it if you put the mixture in a spray bottle.

Either of the two, make sure that you will apply the mixture thoroughly and generously. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to ensure effectiveness. 

Step #4. Scrub the mildewed area in a circular motion. Remember to not ruin your mattress by brushing too hard. 

Step #5. Clean the area again using an ample amount of warm water. This step aims to rinse the alcohol solution and the particles of mildew.

Step #6. Apply a minimal amount of disinfectant. A disinfectant will kill other bacteria that are present in your mattress.

You can also use a spray bottle in doing this so that you can control the amount of disinfectant. Too much will also be dangerous to your health. 

Step #7. Dry the mattress and keep it that way at all times. Do not use it right after you remove the mildew. 

Hang it in a place where it can get sunlight. You can also do this after using it at night, instead of just putting it in a corner. 


Why Should I Get Rid of Mildew?

The process of removing the mildew from your mattress is a hassle, but it is necessary. Here are two main effects of inhaling mildew. 


It can cause chronic respiratory disease

The World Health Organization listed the most typical chronic respiratory diseases. These are asthma, pulmonary hypertension, COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and occupational lung diseases.

One major cause of these respiratory diseases is air pollution. If mildew or mold spores combine with polluted air, the effects on human health are much worse than usual.  


It can cause allergic reactions

Mold allergy is a real thing. It happens if a person is susceptible to the said fungi and got exposed to it or inhaled it.

Symptoms like itchy eyes and coughing are experienced by a person who got exposed to mildew. Breathing difficulties are also possible. 



A bed is a sanctuary for most people. Hence, proper mattress care is essential to prolong its life and not cause any harm to the owner. 

Since you’re almost finished reading this guide on how to get mildew out of a mattress, we recommend you also read these six easy steps on how to get mildew smell out of blanket. The mildew from your mattress might cause a musty smell in your blankets, too.

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