How To Get Insurance To Pay For A Massage Chair? 3 Easy Steps!

How to get insurance to pay for a massage chair? It’s with checking out first if the insurance policy covers it. The policy that has a clause on the medical massage will mean they’ll pay for it. While you may use your budget to buy a massage chair, you’ll still want an insurance provider to cover it. 

Face the reality that some insurance companies won’t cover massage. That’s true even if it’s been prescribed by a doctor. That’s when they may not also pay for your massage chair.

How to get insurance to pay for a massage chair

It’s always better to save more money on a massage chair. Get insurance to pay for a massage chair. Follow this guide below to explain how to do it with simple and easy-to-follow tips below.


Maybe Yes Or No!

Is there still some doubt if insurance pays for a massage chair? Know that it likely depends upon your plan and insurance. It may be answerable by yes or no. However, it’s not likely that insurance will still pay for it if you have used all deductibles. The good news is that insurance can cover the cost of the massage chair. Ultimately have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account first.  Now, what is it?


Understanding The Health Savings Account

This type of account is an individually-recognized medical account. It enables you to deposit all your pre-tax earnings. They then can be utilized as a part of the health coverage through an insurance company. In addition, this account will enable greater flexibility regarding what the funds may serve. 

Both the employers and policyholders may deposit into their HSA accounts. However, these are considered tax havens with limits. The limits can go as a few thousand dollars for every person. Let the funds roll over every year in this account. This allows your money to accumulate. You can then use this on the purchase of a massage chair. Thus, this fund helps buy a massage chair. Policyholders can save up to almost thirty percent due to a tax benefit.


Understanding Flexible Spending Account

This can provide you with a bit of leeway wherever you want to spend your savings. Thus, it’s a good option when purchasing a massage chair. It’s more flexible than any other. It lets you spend your money on more. It also opens up the door for more unconventional purchases, such as a massage chair. 

It comes with similar tax advantages to the HSA. You can also set it up with insurance policies. Your money in this account is not subjected to payroll taxes. It allows you further to gain a considerable amount of savings in taxes. But as compared to the HSA, some of your money in this account rolls over during the year-end. This is because the PPA Act or Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act lets you carry up to 500-dollars for the following year. This is even without losing those funds.


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Steps To Follow For Getting Insurance to Pay For A Massage Chair

How to get insurance to pay for a massage chair? Follow the straightforward steps below to do it quickly and successfully.


Step #1. Check out the insurance policy

As discussed, check out the insurance policy if it pays for the massage chair. An FSA or HSA may mean you may use funds to buy it. Consult with your provider to be sure that you can. 


Step #2. Identify your illness or ailment

The insurance company will pay for the massage chair if it treats an illness or ailment. It’s never accepted as a reason if it’s only for a house addition. Do some research to know if massage is the proper treatment to opt for. Show some case studies before your doctor. This is to see if the massage can help you. Insurance companies pay for massage chairs if patients suffer from chronic back issues. If you have a similar case, you’re now an excellent candidate for the chair. 


Step #3. Talk to your doctor

Gather your researched information and discuss it with your doctor. This way, the doctor will evaluate them properly. Include all the treatment options and symptoms that you have. This is during the appointment. Massage therapy is not often recommended. This is until they’ve tried less holistic therapy forms. Explain it further if you think it will help you. Convince your doctor to prescribe a massage therapy that suits your condition. Of course, this is only after knowing massage can alleviate your illness. 


Benefits Of Buying A Massage Chair Using A Health Insurance Plan

Here is the rundown of the benefits of buying a massage chair using a health insurance plan. 


#1. Meet your deductibles

Other health insurance plans may enable you to apply the therapeutic chair cost against the deductible. This is true if there’s a doctor’s prescription for it. Moreover, it should go under the DME of an insurance company as part of your plan. Determine if you can do this by doing some research. Then, call the benefits administrator. Consult with the medical provider, too. You may want to know what a massage chair is


#2. Take the deduction for the massage chair

You can deduct a tax if a physician has prescribed the massage chair. This is true since you need it for your ailment. Just be sure if the purchase of the massage chair will qualify you for a tax deduction. It’ll significantly reduce the liability of tax income. My friends, read and know your comfort chair


Tips To Get Your Massage Chair Protected

Indeed a massage chair can be an expensive purchase. Thus, take good care of it as it will bring you more comfort. Just use it the proper way possible. Take good care of it in many ways.

  • Clean the massage chair regularly;
  • Remove any dirt. This will prolong the life of the massage chair;
  • Purchase a protector for the massage chair. This protects it from the external environment; and
  • Read the manual for instruction. It also contains some of the significant instructions. Thus, you’ll learn how to use it in the proper manner.



Follow this guide on how to get insurance to pay for a massage chair. Everything has been clearly explained here. Get an insurance policy to pay for your massage chair. But for as long as you have health records & approval coming from your doctor, you won’t worry.

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