How To Get Ink Out Of The Dryer? 6 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to get ink out of the dryer? Use soapy water, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, nail polish remover, magic eraser, or a commercial cleaner. These are options to remove pen ink in a dryer, easy and quick to utilize to clean fresh stains.

Moreover, these can best manage ink stains and permanent marks, which help make laundry days easy, pleasant, and not complicated.

How to get ink out of the dryer

And while it can be tempting to leave the ink in the dryer, it’s not recommended that you do this. The ink dries as the device cools down but soon, it’ll melt with heat that goes in a dryer again. So let’s have a deep look at it!


Ways To Get Ink Out Of The Dryer

Below are ways to consider when getting ink out of the dryer.


#1. Soapy water

Soapy water does the job of cleaning up a window, concrete, and more. Laundry detergent and dish soap are great killers of ink. They make a top contender when wanting to remove ink from clothes, plus they are ideal when removing new ink stains inside the dryer. Use any of the options as a primary defense from the colors.

Clean the dryer’s interior by removing the ink, and adding two teaspoons of dish soap to a ratio of 2 cups filled with warm water. Wet the cloth onto the mixture with you, not soaking it. Use a towel when cleaning the dryer’s interior and apply moderate pressure. Gently scrub a motion to get through the ink. Replace a new fabric the moment ink starts to stain and continue until you see it lifts away. Finish the task using a freshwater wipe, removing the soap residue.


#2. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a champion of all time as a do-it-yourself cleaning agent. It cleans up anything from brass fittings to the teeth and lends a helping hand. Use hydrogen peroxide when a dried or fresh ink stain resists rubbing alcohol and dish soap as it’s the boss. This method eats away all stubborn and new stains at any time possible. So, grab one bottle in your medicine cabinet to work.

Mix the water and peroxide into a bowl for cleaning dryer and washer interiors, including exteriors. Wet your towel in a liquid and rub it onto the stain using a towel. Apply moderate pressure while you switch the cloth out, thus avoiding the onset of ink in and around, making the situation worse. Continue doing it until the dryer is free from ink and clean. The recipe indeed works to remove the smell in a dryer, such as the musty odor. You may also be interested to know about reasons to use hydrogen peroxide for laundry.


#3. Nail polish remover

Handle the stain discovered inside a dryer using a nail polish remover, where it’s most suitable. The acetone cuts the ink similar to rubbing alcohol, reducing the individual components. When the ink runs into a nail polish remover, it does not stick to the metal, which makes it easy when you clean. So, add some water to the bowel alongside nail polish remover. Dampen the cloth onto the mixture and remove the stain, thus avoiding its smear. Once filled with ink, replace the material, and continue to lift the ink stain out until the dryer is free from stain. Try to use hairspray if there’s no nail polish remover.


#4. Magic eraser

The magic eraser helps knock out all those pesky ink, so pull this one out when dealing with impossible stains. Wear some gloves as you rub the eraser onto a dried ink; so clean it after. Use some wet cloth in policing the area and removing the crumbs away as they occur. Continue to use the Magic eraser until finally, the spot gets back into its factory condition. Wipe the drum down, thus removing the residue. The device is readily available, returning to service after being done with the session. 


#5. Commercial cleaner

Give this commercial cleaner a chance, including Goof Off, Goo Gone, and other products containing all the essential ingredients. It works best on tough spills and melted crayons that follow the manufacturer’s directions. Test the commercial cleaner onto a small section before trying it on a big stain. Wear the suggested safety gear like glasses, marks, and gloves. This dryer makes a convenient tool for removing ink stains.


#6. Bleach soaked towel

So, how to get ink out of the dryer? Bleach makes a valuable cleaner that the dryer’s heat supercharges the agent. It’s ideal to utilize to handle difficult-to-remove and dried-on ink in a clothes dryer. Bleach it on when you remove dried ink in a dryer. The treatment is simple as it does wonders, restoring the dryer to its new condition. Mix the water and the non-chlorinated bleach inside a bucket, and dampen the towel onto the mixture. Afterward, please wait until the cloth is damp before wringing it out and sending it into the dryer on high heat. Once the cycle has ended, check for possible stains as you remove the towel. Wipe the dryer’s interior using clean water, removing the bleach residue.


It’s A Wrap!

You learn how to get ink out of the dryer using bleach-soaked towels, commercial cleaner, magic eraser, nail polish remover, soapy water, and hydrogen peroxide. These can keep a dryer from ink, ensure your clothes get dry and warm, and use a clean appliance. With effective use of the ink, you get your ink stains finally over. Read related articles; know how much does a dryer weigh and how much are commercial washers and dryers.

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