How To Get Human Urine Smell From Cloth In Washer? 2 Easy Ways!

Do you know how to get human urine smell from cloth in washer? You can remove the urine smell by using bleach, vinegar, and baking soda. What’s worse, what if it smells like urine? It wasn’t like you could just toss it in the washer and then let it clean itself. As a result, knowing how to remove pee odor from clothing is essential. Whether you are an animal or a person, you must pass the urine to survive.

Before everything else, let’s define what is urine. Well, it’s a liquid waste product that humans and animals must regularly produce. It is made up of waste items that have been broken down and water that the kidney has created as part of a procedure to cleanse the blood. We’ll go over two unique methods for removing the pee spots or smell; let’s get started!

how to get human urine smell from cloth in washer


Ways To Get Human Urine Smell From Cloth In Washer

So, how to get human urine smell from cloth in washer? Follow these methods below:


By Using Bleach

By soaking your garments in bleach, you may eliminate the offensive urine odor. To get rid of that horrible odor from your clothes, perform these simple procedures.


Step #1. Using cold water to rinse

Rinse the urine-smelling clothing in ice water to start washing them. When you rinse it under flowing water, it performs effectively since it offers you the most force in removing the urine spot. Just do it for approximately 3 minutes at the very least.


Step #2. Blot the urine stain

After that, blot the affected area with a microfiber cloth or paper towels. Scrubbing the damaged region may cause the urine smell to return to the material. Continue rinsing it with cold water if necessary.


Step #3.  Bleach soak

For white clothes, chlorinated bleach is used, while for colored clothes, oxygen bleach is utilized. To prevent discoloration, use the appropriate bleach for each item of clothing.


Step #4. Allow it to sit for a while

Soak the garments for a minimum of 3 to 4 hrs in a  washer tub filled with bleach solution. However, that time limit varies depending on the extent of the urine mark and the fabric type. Colored garments can usually only be wet for 3 hours; however, colorless clothes can be drenched all night.


Step #5. Wash clothes with bleach and detergent

Washing your garments as usual. In the washing machine, mix the proper quantity of chlorine bleach and rinse with lukewarm water and rotate it. Allow the bleach to work its wonders by dissolving the stain granules and eliminating the foul odor. Remember to wear rubber gloves to safeguard your care and prevent harming your skin. Fill a large bowl halfway with ½ cup of bleach and water and stir thoroughly.


Step #6. Vacuum clothes 

After you’ve washed your clothing,  sun and natural light are the most acceptable ways to dry them. Make sure the urine-stained clothes are hung in a well-ventilated place. Vacuum the garments at the end of the process. Avoid the temptation to use a clothes dryer rather than the natural procedure. That only becomes harsher since the heating from the clothes dryer may allow the odor to permeate the cloth indefinitely, causing it harder to remove.


Using White Vinegar

By washing your garments with distilled vinegar, you may eliminate the noxious urine odor.


Step #1. Use distilled white vinegar 

Take a cup, fill half of it with distilled white vinegar, and add 3 cups of laundry detergent and water to make a solution. For making the solution, the amount of vinegar you need is determined by the intensity of the odor and the length of time it has been discolored. The longer the pee mark must be soaked, the older it is. White Vinegar is a natural component that may eliminate any strong odor generated by uric acid, which has remained in the cloth for a long time.


Step #2. Add baking soda 

Only if the severity of the scent is light may the step of adding baking soda to the urine-stained region be omitted. If the odor and urine stain is significant, baking soda will be required. Baking soda can be applied directly to the afflicted area or combined with the acid mixture. These parts work together to get rid of the foul odor. You may also be interested to know about get laundry extra clean and fresh with baking soda.


Step #3. Spin the urine-stained clothes in the washer

The last step in removing urine odor from clothes is to tumble them in the washer. You should only use lukewarm or cold water, not warm or hot since this would simply intensify the stench in the cloth. Laundry detergent should be avoided.


Step #4. Allow your clothes to air dry

If you use a drying rack or hanger, hang your clothes out in the air or on your lawn to dry the cloth completely.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you all will learn how to get human urine smell from cloth in washer. Use the methods that we’ve discussed above are very simple; apply these methods to remove the urine smell. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! You may also want to read about how to install washer drain hose and how to fix a washer that won’t drain.

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