How To Get Health Insurance To Cover Human Growth Hormone? 4 Awesome Facts!

Do you know how to get health insurance to cover human growth hormone? Well, our insurance plan covers series of benefits, but it may or may not cover human growth hormone. The process will be the same for such a case, but be sure to check the scope of your plan’s coverage.

The problem with growth hormone treatment is the cost you’ll have to pay. This is why most insurance companies don’t cover such treatment or medication.

how to get health insurance to cover human growth hormone

That becomes a problem for the insured, especially if they cannot pay such a price. Therefore, dear friend, conditions regarding human growth hormone can be hazardous. So you must go for medical assistance if you have observed abnormalities in your growth or your child’s growth.

Just keep reading to acquire the necessary information about our topic.


What You Need To Know About Human Growth Hormone

Among the first medicines that were upheld with the orphan drug act was recombinant human growth hormone. Such treatment is widely known to be excluded in most health insurance policies. Treatment price ranges from 15,000 to 150,000 dollars per year for one patient. That would be much bearable if covered by the insurance.

However, before answering our main inquiry, “How to get health insurance to cover human growth hormone?” we will first answer some important questions frequently asked by many regarding human growth hormone.


Question #1. What is it?

Human growth hormone is incredibly produced by a small organ inside our body known as the pituitary gland. These hormones are the fueling agent of a child’s growth as well as the adolescent. So it actually plays a crucial role in the whole life of a human. The deficiency of such hormones happens when the pituitary gland cannot release an efficient amount of hormones. But why are there people who are experiencing human growth hormone deficiency?

The root of the condition we are discussing is either developed through genetic mutations or the person may have developed it through his or her surroundings where radiations are present.


Question #2. How would you know that you are deficient?

Symptoms are physically visible. A clue will be from the term itself. So, if you have a human growth hormone deficiency, you would likely be smaller in size than people of the same age as you. You may also experience an increase in your body fats and also a depletion of your muscle mass. In addition, a person with growth hormone deficiency is vulnerable to bone fractures.


Question #3. When is human growth hormone therapy needed?

Several conditions are a result of human growth hormone deficiency. This section will get to know some of them and the importance of having them treated with human growth hormone therapy or test.


Prader-Willi syndrome

It is a not very common syndrome characterized by numerous stature, mental, and behavior disorders. One of the prominent manifestations of such syndrome is the feeling of not being full. This condition typically starts in the early stages of life at the age of two.

Even though the one diagnosed seems to have a lot of appetites, the syndrome may cause weakening of the tension in the muscle that is relaxed. You can also easily notice a height difference between a person who does not and does experience such syndrome.

Having a human growth hormone test is not a requirement to treat Prader-Willi syndrome. However, the test may be one of the keys to improving with the failure of growth of the diagnosed.


Burns at 3rd and 4th degree

There are also conditions brought by unwanted accidents that may be aided with human growth hormone therapy. Third and fourth-degree burns are burns that went deep into the body tissues. Human growth hormone therapy may help to heal such kinds of burns. What it does is improving the balance of nitrogen in the patient’s body. Also, it reduces catabolism in muscles and improves the development of blood platelets to make the healing process faster.


 Question #4. Can my insurance cover the cost of the treatment?

The most honest answer would be, “that depends.” The availability of coverage will rely on the insurance plan you have. However, the important thing is that you can do something if certain issues arise with you and your insurance company regarding the availing of benefits – that is, you can appeal. Anyway, here’s how much do insurance underwriters make.


Summarized procedure to appeal

First, your doctor’s office will submit a preliminary authorization request to your insurer that states your medication before submitting the actual medicament that you must fill. Then, after 1 to 2 days, your insurer will send back a reply to either approve or reject your request.

If it is rejected, then it’s time for you to file an appeal. The appeal can be done several times but just ensure that you have read the policies under your insurance plan.

Include in your investigation the laws in your state that can be helpful in your appeal, the deadline of appealing set by the insurance company, and the excluded services from your plan. Then, you can actually browse the internet to have a guideline for the format of the appeal.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to get health insurance to cover human growth hormone. Thank you for reading up to this point. Your time and effort are very much appreciated!

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