How To Get Hair Dye Off Leather Sofa? Best Method

Did you know that it’s easy to learn how to get hair dye off leather sofa since you only need hairspray? This article will go through a three-step procedure to eliminate hair dye on your leather couch. We also recommend checking this guide on removing ink from the leather couch

Much like dyes, ink can be stubborn to remove. You might discover some exciting leather restoration tricks knowing both removal procedures. 


How Do You Remove Hair Dye From Leather?


Step 1. Remove the excess dye

Remove as much hair dye as possible, especially when the stain is still wet on the leather couch. Carefully dab the affected area with a cloth or paper towel to absorb the dye, but do not apply pressure or make a wiping motion. You don’t want to press the hair dye deeper into the porous leather or spread the stain onto the other parts of the sofa.  

If the hair dye has set, you don’t need to blot it off with a cloth. Proceed to remove the dried stain with rubbing alcohol. Famous for removing dyes and ink on the skin, rubbing alcohol should also get hair dye off the leather sofa, which is a material that is made from animal hide. 


Step 2. Test the alcohol onto the leather

Spray rubbing alcohol onto a white cloth and test it first on a small and hidden portion of the leather couch. This will allow you to see if your particular leather will stain, fade, or deteriorate. Different kinds of furniture vary in the type of leather they use, and some will be incompatible with rubbing alcohol. 

Do note that rubbing alcohol must only be used in moderation. You’ll only use it to lift the hair dye stain off the leather without saturating the porous material. Otherwise, you’ll risk drying it, and you’ll need to know how to fix a peeling leather sofa


Step 3. Remove the hair dye with hairspray

If you have a can of hairspray, it would be another fantastic option to remove hair dye off the leather sofa. However, please check if it indeed contains alcohol and it doesn’t have any colorants that can stain the leather. Blot the hair dye with a white cloth dampened with the hairspray until the hair color transfers onto it. 

Remove the residue with a clean cloth and then buff the couch with a microfiber cloth. Restore the moisture and shine of the cleaned leather couch with the proper leather conditioner. Follow its instructions for application as this product can also protect and help your leather furniture last longer. 

Can you use other popular homemade leather conditioners? Some people suggest using olive oil on leather, but it’s better to use an actual leather-formulated conditioner. Olive oil will need frequent reapplications, and you might notice oil spots or an odor on the leather over time.


How Do You Remove Hair Dye From A Couch?

Removing hair dye from a couch that uses a different type of upholstery from leather can also be done with alcohol. However, it’s always better to check your tag for the cleaning code indicating the practices and products that are ideal for the sofa material. 

  1. Dab the excess hair dye on the couch with paper towels if it is still recent
  2. Soak a sponge in a mixture of warm water, white vinegar, and dish soap
  3. Wring off the excess liquid and dab the hair dye stains
  4. Let the soap soak the sofa for half an hour while blotting the area every five minutes
  5. Rinse the soapy residue with a damp cloth, without oversaturating the couch with moisture
  6. If the hair dye stain still remains, blot it off with cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol
  7. Start from the outside to the center of the stain
  8. Rinse the alcohol residue and dry the couch by wiping with a dry cloth
  9. Let the sofa air-dry or sprinkle baking soda on it to vacuum after several hours

How To Remove Dye Transfer From Leather Seats

Leather furniture and seats, such as those we have in our cars, are prone to dye transfer. This refers to the stain or color transferred by clothing made from denim and stretch fabrics with unfixed dyes. Here is how to get dye transfer off leather:

  1. Clean the leather seat thoroughly with the proper leather cleaner
  2. Use a leather stain remover to target the dye transfer stain and follow the instructions accordingly
  3. Do not rub or apply heavy pressure while removing the stain
  4. Change cloths or apply more product as needed to eliminate the dye transfer discoloration completely
  5. Clean the leather seat again with the cleaner you used earlier to remove the stain remover product
  6. Wipe the leather dry and apply leather protection cream


Did you just get your hair done and accidentally transferred some dye onto the leather couch? We have discussed how to get hair dye off leather sofa above, and you have learned that rubbing alcohol or an alcohol-containing hairspray is the solution. You only need to blot off the stain and wipe the sofa dry before reconditioning it.

Since we’re on a hair-related topic, you might also benefit from reading how to remove hair grease from a leather sofa. Such stains and residues shouldn’t cause you to pull your hair from stress to restore your leather couch. 


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