How To Get Darker In A Tanning Bed? 6 Best Tips!

A safe and effective way to tan your skin is to use a sunbed, but how to get darker in a tanning bed?

These days, a lot of people opt for indoor tanning.

how to get darker in a tanning bed

This is especially common among countries with limited sunlight exposure for the entire year.

They do this to attain their desired tan color and increase the level of vitamin D that is needed by the body.

But some of them want to achieve an even darker tan. So if you are like them, follow the tips below.


6 Tips To Get Darker In A Tanning Bed

The following tips help achieve your desired tan faster while at the same time makes it last longer.

So, how to get darker in a tanning bed?


#1. Exfoliating the skin before tanning

Before every tanning session, you must exfoliate your skin first to remove dead skin cells.

This is to make sure the skin is ready and clean to tan.

Furthermore, the light can easily penetrate the skin’s outermost layer if exfoliated.

As a result, it will also activate melanin production.

Various scrubs and products that you can use are available in the market.

But you can venture on homemade recipes to keep your skin soft, fresh, and exfoliated.


#2. Keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated

If you moisturize your skin, you can achieve better results when tanning. It can even prolong it.

Furthermore, if the skin is healthy and moisturized, it can be tanned faster and easier than dry skins.

With that being said, you need to drink plenty of water before and after the tanning session.

So that your skin will be kept moisturized and hydrated.

Also, apply moisturizers when you are going on a tanning bed.

The product will not only moisture the skin, but it will improve its overall condition.


#3. Using quality tanning bulbs

A lamp’s useful life is approximately 300 up to 5000 hours.

For bulbs, it usually ranges from 300 up to 10000 hours.

When we say useful life, it is the time that the bulb or lamp produces at least 70 percent of its expected rays.

So if you have a tanning bed, you should change the lamps every use.

Even the lamps of the tanning beds from the salons are changed every once in a while.

So if you go to a tanning salon, ask the staff to bring you the bed that has a new lamp set as this effectively gives you a darker tan.


#4. Applying a cream or accelerator before tanning

Creams will not only moisturize your skin but will also help in intensifying the melanin production, thereby achieving a darker tan.

Sunbed creams come in many forms, from bronzers to coolers to moisturizers to creams that produce a tingling factor.

The formulation of these products is specifically intended for you to be able to get a darker tan.

Just ensure to utilize products suited to the type of your skin.

Beginner tanners must also avoid products like tingles and bronzers.


#5. Remove makeup or any other cosmetics you applied

Cosmetic products block the pores of the skin. They do the same thing to the UV rays that are trying to penetrate it.

Using makeup while tanning might also result in white spots.

Much more, cosmetics contain ingredients that may react to the UV rays.

As a result, your skin may become more sensitive to allergens.

It may also bring about some other adverse effects.

With that being said, it is best to shower or remove the makeup with wipes before tanning.

Also, remove other cosmetics as well as your perfume to ensure that the skin is entirely clean.


#5. Picking foods that are good for tanning

According to studies, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, particularly those with yellow or orange colors, is good for the skin.

But more importantly, it can help in giving you naturally tanned skin.

Some of these vegetables and fruits include spinach, apricots, mangos, tomatoes, and carrots.

They have carotene content that helps in increasing the pigmentation of the skin.


#6. Avoid waxing or shaving after every tanning session

Both waxing and shaving will cause the skin’s outermost layer to exfoliate, and exfoliation is only useful before tanning.

After the tanning session, it will cause the removal of the top layer.

Meaning to say the tanned skin will also be removed.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know how to get darker in a tanning bed.

The six tips listed above are the key to getting a darker tan.

However, following them may not be enough; you should also remember some other things for better results.

For one thing, if you tan while being nude, you will be able to be exposed to UV light more.

Also, try to avoid wearing makeup if you desire to visit a tanning salon; you will have to remove them anyway.

Furthermore, if you have limited time only or do not like to be overly exposed to the UV rays, you may choose to get those self-tanners.

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