How to Get Creases Out of New Curtains

We all hate seeing wrinkles, especially on new sets of draperies. Luckily, there are tons of ways on how to get creases out of new curtains. Enjoy professional-looking, tailored, and neatly arranged curtains without folding creases and other fabric marks.


Different fabric types require different methods, but I’m sure that you will find your way around those messy curtain creases one way or another. One of the most basic techniques is ironing or fabric steaming.


Other alternative methods can also include washing, drying, hanging, and treating your curtains with anti-wrinkling solutions. The more arduous approach is usually for stubborn and hard to remove curtain creases.

Creases on new curtains

As annoying as new curtain creases might seem, it is actually normal to open a fresh pack of curtains with fold marks. Even anti-wrinkling curtains still develop fold marks after a long time of new warehouse storage. 


On the bright side, it really isn’t that difficult to remove. As we have mentioned earlier, there are multiple ways to rid your curtains of fold marks and creases. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you learn how to get creases out of new curtains.


Fabric steaming

A prevalent and convenient method is fabric steaming. It’s a simple, quick, and relatively straightforward approach that everyone can follow. The only problem is whether or not you actually own a fabric steamer.


They can come at quite a price, but if you enjoy neatly ironed curtains, dresses, and other types of wearable fabric, then fabric steamers are definitely worth their price. Here is how you can get rid of fabric creases using a steamer.

Step 1: Fill the tank with water

It’s not a steamer without a tank. Whether you are using a handheld or standing garment steamer, remove its tank and fill it up with water. If you are using a handheld steamer, you can fill it up with just enough water so that it is not too heavy to move around.


Please turn it on depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. You might need to give it time to heat up. Set the steamer to your desired temperature. Be careful when working with heat, as too much may melt some types of fabric instantly. 


Step 2: Steam your curtains

If you haven’t already slipped your new set of draperies on the window, you might as well do it now. Hang the curtains onto the rod as you usually would and close the curtain. Arrange the drapes so that it is positioned evenly throughout the rod. 


Steam your curtain on the areas necessary. Start at the top edge of the curtain crease and work towards the bottom slowly and steadily. Aim the nozzle at the folds and allow the liquid to penetrate the fabric, softening its crisp edges. 



An iron takes on a more direct and hands-on approach when it comes to removing unwanted curtain creases. If your curtain fabric is not too sensitive to heat, then you don’t have to worry about taking it down and removing those fold marks with a hot iron. 

Tip: If your iron has a steam setting, you can use it as an alternative to a fabric steamer. Hold it six inches away from the hanging curtain fabric and follow the regular fabric steaming procedure.


Here is how you can use an iron to get rid of fabric creases.


Step 1: Set the temperature.

The amount of heat that we are going to work with is important. Some irons already have automatic fabric heating settings. All you have to do is select the type of fabric that your curtain is using, and the iron automatically adjusts itself to the right temperature. 


Don’t worry if you are using an old iron with no automatic temperature adjustments. You can always check for the appropriate temperatures and adjust them manually. You mustn’t make the iron too hot or too cold than necessary. 

Step 2: Iron the curtains

Place your curtain with the right side down on your ironing board or any flat surface. You might want to use a protective layer of thin cloth such as a pillowcase or bedsheet for more sensitive fabric types. 


Iron over the creases and move at a consistent speed. Try not to hold the iron over one section for more than five seconds as it may burn the fabric. If the crease is too stubborn, let the fabric cool for a minute before ironing over it again.


Additional tips

If you are dealing with a large number of curtain creases or fabric wrinkles, you can always throw it in the washing machine and run it on a gentle cycle. Remember that this doesn’t apply to curtains that require dry-clean only.


Washing and hanging the curtains to dry can soften the crisp fabric and get rid of the wrinkles. You can also steam or iron it after letting the curtain air dry. Don’t feel intimidated right away when you see a bunch of creases on your new curtains. It’s completely normal. 


Luckily, you can easily learn how to get creases out of new curtains without too much work. Just be careful when deciding on the type of treatment that you want to do. Always follow the curtain care instructions that come with the package.