How To Get Cat Urine Out Of Sofa: The Best Method

It’s easy to master how to get cat urine out of sofa because you only need to tackle three steps. First, blot off the excess cat urine, soak it with an enzymatic cleaner, and then remove the odor with baking soda. This article will also discuss other remedies that you can use to recover the soiled couch. 

If this is a recurring issue, it’s probably time to learn how to keep cats off the sofa. After all, a well-disciplined pet will make you and your furniture happy in the long run. 

how to get cat urine out of sofa


How To Clean Cat Urine Out Of The Sofa


Step 1. Blot off as much cat urine as possible

If your cat has just peed on the couch, please blot off as much urine as possible. This will keep the stain from seeping deeper into the material’s fibers and potentially soiling the cushions underneath. Use as many paper towels as needed and dab off the urine. 

Do not press too hard or make a wiping motion as this can spread the urine more in the furniture. And after you can no longer get any moisture on the paper towels, clean the residue with an enzymatic cleaner. You should easily find one at your pet store, but remember to test it on a hidden portion of the sofa first if the material will react with it. 


Step 2. Use an enzymatic cleaner

Follow the instructions of the pet enzymatic cleaner accordingly. It is the best way to get cat urine off the sofa because the enzymes in it can break down the uric acid that is responsible for stain and odor. And if the cat urine has soaked through the couch cushions, remove their covers and treat them separately. 

Soak the affected areas on the cover and cushions with the enzymatic cleaner. Depending on the product, it might require you to leave it overnight. Treat as recommended and clean the sofa as you usually would with your trusted soap or according to the upholstery’s cleaning code. 


Step 3. Deodorize the sofa with baking soda

You must know how to get the urine smell out of the sofa not only out of hygienic reasons, but it might also attract your pet to pee on this area again if it still has a urine odor. The enzymatic cleaner is usually enough to deodorize the sofa, but consider using baking soda to absorb the lingering smell or moisture.

Sprinkle baking soda all over the sofa and more deliberately on the affected areas. Let the powder sit for several hours or overnight, then vacuum it off the next day. The baking soda will help neutralize the smell and treat discolorations that might be left on the sofa. 


How To Get Cat Urine Smell Out Of Couch After It Has Dried

Do not worry if you are too late upon finding out that your cat has peed on the couch. You can still treat it with an enzymatic cleaner and baking soda to remove the stain and smell. You can also take out the cushions and wash them in mild detergent and warm water. 

Another method to clean a sofa with dried urine is with the help of a carpet cleaner. Install the correct attachment and target the affected area with a cleaning solution. Just remember to check your sofa’s material as some should not be overly saturated with liquid and other cleaning products. 


How Does Vinegar Get Rid Of Cat Urine?

An effective product to get urine out of the sofa is vinegar because its acidity neutralizes the alkaline in the urine. Therefore, vinegar solution can even help treat dried cat urine off the couch. However, remember to test the vinegar on a small spot of the sofa as some fabrics might fade or stain. 

You can also consider diluting white vinegar with warm water for delicate materials. Let it sit for 10 minutes to work on the urine stain and dab the treated area to clean it. Afterward, sprinkle baking soda on the couch and ensure that it will dry thoroughly.


Does hydrogen peroxide get cat urine out of the sofa?

A reason why hydrogen peroxide removes stains is that it can break down discolorations. If you have no cleaners at hand, you can also use hydrogen peroxide to remove cat urine out of the sofa. Saturate the stained area with hydrogen peroxide and allow it to bubble.  

Then, wipe off the residue and allow the sofa to dry. You can also scrub the discoloration with a mixture of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide before rinsing it off with cool water and wiping the couch dry. However, please be mindful of using hydrogen peroxide on some materials because it tends to lighten and bleach dark fabrics. 



Cats can be stubborn, and so do the stains they can cause. The good news is it’s easy to learn how to get cat urine out of sofa effectively, as you have read in the guide above. You only need to blot the excess, clean with an enzymatic cleaner, and allow the baking soda to freshen the couch. 

Has your cat also damaged your leather couch with his claws? Read this guide on repairing cat scratches on the leather sofa. But for a long-term solution and to prevent accidents like these from reoccurring, remember to train your cat to use the litter box correctly. 


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