How To Get Candle Wax Out Of Couch

Lit candles may create a romantic or soothing atmosphere in your house. But melted wax on your couch can quickly ruin an evening. So, how to get candle wax out of couch?

Don’t let the mess ruin your day; there are methods for removing wax without damaging the surface of your couch. Which cleaning process is best depends on whether the wax has been colored. If the candles do not contain colors, you can wait while the wax solidifies; if the candles are colored, you must address the stain quickly.

how to get candle wax out of couch


How To Get Candle Wax Out Of Couch Based on Wax Color

Materials to Use

  • Cubes of ice
  • Plastic bag with resealable closure
  • Knife for cutting butter
  • solvent for dry cleaning
  • Cloths in white
  • Sponge
  • Towel
  • Iron
  • Toilet paper
  • Laundry detergent in liquid form.


Wax Without Color

Before using the wax, allow it to harden. To speed up the process, put a few ice cubes in a resealable plastic bag. Allow the bag to sit over the wax stain for five minutes, or until the wax solidifies. 

With a butter knife, carefully scrape the wax from the couch. Remove the parts. Using a white cloth, sponge the stained area with dry-cleaning solvent. 

Blot the area with a dry part of the white cloth. Apply the solvent again and blot until the wax is gone. If required, use extra white clothes. 

To eliminate the solvent residue, rinse the area with a sponge wet in warm water. Using a towel, blot dry. This applies to wax with no color.


Wax Colored

Plug in an iron and set the dial to the lowest steam setting. While the iron is heating up, apply a dry-cleaning solution to a white cloth and sponge the spot. Blot the area with a dry part of the cloth. 

Repeat the solvent application and blotting until the stain has been lightened as much as possible. If required, use an extra white cloth. Cover the stain with a couple of sheets of paper towels. 

Spread the paper towels evenly with the iron. If required, unplug the iron to access the sofa. Continue ironing and changing the paper towels with new ones until the wax no longer transfers. 

To remove the stain, dab a tiny quantity of liquid washing detergent on it. Soak a clean, white cloth in warm water and massage the stain in a circular motion. Begin in the center and work outward. 

Repeat till the stain is gone. To eliminate any solvent or soap residue, rinse the area with a sponge wet in warm water. Using a towel, blot dry.

To avoid color transfer from the towels to the couch, use white paper towels with no dyes or patterns. Wax stains cannot be removed with water or water-soluble treatments. Do not use these cleaning procedures on a leather or vinyl couch; instead, use a professional cleaner.


How To Get Candle Wax Out Of Couch Based on Couch Material

Materials to Use

  • Plastic bag
  • Cubes of ice
  • Knife or spatula that is dull
  • The paper towel
  • Iron
  • Unscented talcum powder or corn starch
  • Cloth


Leather Couch

When learning how to get candle wax out of couch, specifically leather, you will only follow these rules:

Remove the extra solidified wax with a dull, flat-edged implement, like you would for a fabric sofa. If you notice the spills before the wax sets, you can attempt to soak up the extra wax with a paper towel. To avoid spreading the wax about, dab it up rather than wiping it.

On the discoloration, use corn starch or unscented talcum powder. This works similarly to how a paper towel works on a fabric sofa. However, you should never use a paper towel and iron approach on a leather sofa since it can permanently harm the leather. 

With your fingers, rub the corn starch or talcum powder into the stain. Rub quickly until you feel the heat from friction in your fingertips. Allow it to sit for two hours before wiping away the powder; if there is any leftover stain, repeat the process.


Fabric Couch

Allow the wax to solidify if it has spilled. Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and place it over the stain to accelerate the process. If you try to wipe the wax away before it hardens, you will merely spread it about, causing a worse problem.

Once the wax has solidified, remove as much of it as possible. Any dull, flat-edged object, such as a butter knife or spatula, can be used for this. Simply chip away at the wax until you’ve removed as much as you can.

Apply an absorbent substance, such as a paper towel, to the stain. Set your iron on medium heat and iron over the paper towel carefully. The paper towel absorbs the wax as it melts due to the heat from the iron. 

Replace the paper towel as soon as you notice the wax absorbed into it. It will avoid accidentally pressing the wax back onto the sofa. Repeat using new sheets of paper towel until the stain has disappeared.


Conclusion on How to Get Candle Wax Out of Couch

Candles may be used to generate a nice scent and gentle and romantic illumination. Accidents sometimes happen and even the slightest wax mark might appear to be a major issue. Fortunately, there are different ways on how to get candle wax out of couch.

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