How To Get Burn Marks Off Glass Top Stove? 3 Easy Steps To Follow

How to get burn marks off glass top stove? A cooktop made of glass can upgrade the look of your kitchen since it will appear modern and sleek. This will remain true if you know how to clean burn marks off the glass top stove. The flat surface will provide you with extra space, and it is easy to clean it with a simple wipe.

However, despite regular cleaning and wiping of your cooktop, some burn marks, build, up, and grime would accumulate, and it would be hard to wipe them off. If you are having a hard time cleaning your burnt stovetop, remember that you might need some elbow grease for this.

how to get burn marks off glass top stove

Avoid using harsh household cleaners. That is because they may scratch the cooktop permanently. Instead, just get hold of those natural cleaners that may already be present in your pantry.


Steps To Get Burn Marks Off Glass Top Stove

How to get burn marks off glass top stove? Before you start cleaning your stovetop, you should take note of some important things. For one thing, you should not clean if it is still hot since you might burn yourself and it causes the glass to crack. Another important tip to remember is to utilize gentle tools and cleaners but avoid scrubby sponges and steel wool.

So now, let us get started! Here are steps that you should take in getting burn marks off your stove.


Step #1. Scraping the stovetop

before we get into the cleaning process, try to scrape away any food burnt first. You wouldn’t want to get your cooktop scratched, so this might not sound appealing to you. But with the right technique, you can do this right.

Start by sliding a razor blade or plastic scraper across your glass stovetop. First, grasp the blade while angling it at 45 degrees. Then, apply gentle pressure as you are scraping. The blade should be help flush against the stovetop, but you shouldn’t push it down towards it. After that, you should wipe off all debris and loose crumbs you have extricated as you scrape the stove. Then, try running your handing across your cooktop to check if it’s smooth.

If not, spray a small amount of white vinegar onto the marks and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes. After that time, scrape the glass top stove again. The acid content of vinegar can help in softening the grime.


Step #2. Applying baking soda

One of the most commonly used cleaning agents is baking soda since this is a bit abrasive. It can often solve tough cleaning problems. But despite that, it is gentle enough not to cause damage to the delicate surfaces.

To use this just mix baking soda (2 tbsp.) and water to form a paste. Add more water or baking soda to achieve the correct consistency. Then, spread the past onto the top of the stove. Liberally apply onto the burn marks.

Again, if there are stubborn burn marks, white vinegar can help. Spray in on top of the baking soda paste to crease a cleaning fizz. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes. After that, scrub the glass top stove using a soft sponge. In case some burn marks are left, you can put another layer of the paste. Repeat the process.


Step #3. Rinsing and buffing

After you removed all the burn mark, you now have to wash off the baking soda. Also, buff the glass top so that any streaking will be gotten rid of. To do that get warm water and dish soap and use it to wipe off the cooktop.

Ensure to wash away the vinegar and baking soda too when using your stove. Now, get a clean, dry towel and wipe the stove to dry. To buff away the remaining streaks, get a damp cloth and wipe it in circular motions. You can also apply some polishing compounds if you like. Finally, dry it using a clean cloth.



The combination of vinegar and baking soda is often a quick and easy solution to get rid of burn marks. But some stubborn stains may persist. So in case, the formula provided above does not work, do not worry because there are some other solutions. Regardless, baking soda is also used to clean a fridge. Here’s how to clean the fridge with baking soda.

One of which is the original Magic Eraser. Just dampen it and scrub onto the burn marks. This is often the most effective solution if other methods will not work. Remember to rinse as well as buff your stove once done. When doing the cleaning process, remember not to heat the stove. But you can use heat to soften food burnt and accumulate on top of the stove. To do this, apply baking soda.

As you allow it to sit, soak a microfiber cloth onto a hot soapy water. Then, lay another cloth on top of the baking soda and leave it for 15 minutes or so. After that, get the towel you soak in soapy water earlier and use it in wiping down the stove top.


It’s A Wrap!

The steps on how to get burn marks off glass top stove are essential in keeping it clean and sleek looking. Just with 3 easy steps, you will be able to maintain your device.  Before cleaning your stove, remember not to touch it right after cooking as it will still be hot. Observe precautions and use the right tools to keep your stove clean and maintain its quality. On the other hand, you might want to read and learn why your fridge is warm. That is all.

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