How To Get A Memory Foam Mattress Back In The Box

If you want to know how to get a memory foam mattress back in the box, it only takes three steps to finish. There are multiple ways to store a mattress back in its box, ranging from compressing to folding it. This guide will teach you how to roll it back in the box securely and safely.

Remember that memory foam is quite fragile when it comes to folding, compressing, and rolling. You don’t want to accidentally damage the material or cause dents and deformity on the mattress. Find out more about mattress storage below. 

How To Get A Memory Foam Mattress Back In The Box


How To Get A Memory Foam Mattress Back In The Box At Home


Step #1. Strip off everything

Getting your memory foam mattress back in its box is simple as long as you avoid having anything left on it. Before you start, please check and remove every accessory you have on your bed so that all you’re left with is just the mattress. The accessories include everything from the bedding, sheet, cover, protector, and even the mattress topper.

Pack them separately and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for rolling or folding these accessories. Don’t also forget to clean everything before you put them in their separate box for storage. Once you have the bare memory foam mattress, you can put it in its bag. 


Step #2. Bag the mattress

A plastic mattress bag should suffice for a memory foam mattress, but it should be the proper size. Use your mattress size as a guide for the bag and make adjustments for the allowance if needed. For example, a king memory foam mattress will fit best in a king-sized mattress bag

Slide the foam inside until it’s fully covered. A technique to get the mattress inside the bag thoroughly is to stand it on one end and then slide down the bag from the foam’s top. You can also ask someone to hold the mattress for you if you’re dealing with a giant bed. 

Then, seal the whole bag and its opening with duct tape to make sure everything is air-tight. If there is excess plastic, fold and tape it into place. However, leave a hole in your vacuum hose. 


Step #3. Roll the mattress

Slide the vacuum hose into the hole and seal the space around it with tape. Once you’ve finished compressing your mattress, start rolling it like a sleeping bag from one end to another. Do note that some beds have a point in the middle where you can fold them. 

If the folded foam can fit in the box, you don’t need to compress and roll it. Furthermore, it’s essential to check the mattress label for folding and rolling instructions to avoid damaging the materials. And if you have to roll the mattress, please leave the vacuum on as you roll to ensure that no excess air remains inside the bag. 

Finally, tie your rolled mattress with tape to keep it from opening. Secure both ends to cover the whole width of the foam or use ratchet straps. Just slip and tighten a strap on one end and repeat on the other side.


Do You Have To Get Used To Memory Foam Mattress?

You will have an adjustment period with a new memory foam bed, much like with other mattresses. Remember that this is a high-density foam, so some users have to wait for as long as eight weeks for their new mattress to get fully broken in. More so, memory foam uses different layers to achieve the best conformability, and the cells will take some time to open up and contribute to loosening the bed up. 

You can hasten the break-in period by continuously using your mattress. After all, consistent usage is the most effective way to help the bed be more moldable. You can sleep, sit, or even walk on new memory foam to help it soften. 

You can also place some objects over it, so the added compression contributes to opening the cells. And since memory foam responds well to temperature, put it in a warmer area since cold conditions firms this material. Raising the room conditions and using it with your body heat should hasten your new mattress’s break-in period. 


Can You Firm Up A Memory Foam Mattress?

If you notice that your memory foam mattress feels softer than usual or sagging in the middle, there are still some ways to make it firmer. The easiest solution is to improve the base by adding a board underneath the memory foam. This will push it up to maintain the supportive structure of the mattress. 



If you know the proper way to clean and compress memory foam beds, you should apply similar techniques when storing them back in the box. Understanding how to get a memory foam mattress back in the box will be useful not only for storage but also when transporting your bed. And the best thing about it is it only takes three steps to get finished!

The process is as simple as stripping the mattress, sealing it in the bag, and using a vacuum to compress and make its rolling easier. However, you should always check your mattress label for additional instructions since some memory foam mattresses don’t allow folding, rolling, or compressing. You want to be careful with these practices to maintain your bed’s form.