How To Get A Dent Out Of A Truck Bed? Surprising DIY Repairing Tips Just For You!

Hey there! We see each other again. This article will be sharing, “how to get a dent out of a truck bed?”

I know you want to save money from your pocket; I will share a repair method that only consists of 4 easy steps.

how to get a dent out of a truck bed

These steps need to wetting down the area, plunging it out, hammering it down, and drilling it out.

You will need the following materials:

  • Clean cloth
  • Water
  • Toilet plunger
  • Rubber hammer
  • Dent puller
  • Drill

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Steps To Get A Dent Out Of A Truck Bed

Repairing any parts of your car might be very difficult for someone.

I will make this easy for you just by these four easy steps.

You will need to gather these materials: clean cloth, water, toilet plunger, rubber hammer, dent puller, and drill.

Now, you are ready to execute these easy steps on how to get a dent out of a truck bed:


Step #1. Putting moisture down the dent

Before making any necessary steps, make sure that your truck bed has moisture.

You can do this by washing it with water.

You can spray or wipe it using a cloth to spread the moisture in the area.

Moisturizing the dent avoids further damage.

Also, if you want to quicken the dent pulling, I recommend you use hot water.

The hotness of the water can heat the dent and can ease the repairing process.

Remember to keep yourself safe in every step of this process.


Step #2. Using the plunger

The next step will be the highlight.

Spot the dent on your truck bed, then use the plunger to pluck the dented part out.

Just exert a small amount of pressure and pull it back gradually.

Luckily, a bathroom plunger can pluck any dents on your car.

They can repair minor to even major dents that are hideous for your sight.

I ask you to do this step carefully.

You do not want to inflict any additional damage to your car.

However, if the dent is still not pulled, the next step will be significant.


Step #3. Hammering it out

This third step is necessary if the dent had not been pull out using a bathroom plunger.

First, carefully sneak under the dent.

You can go under your truck bed if needed.

Using a rubber hammer, carefully bang the dented area out.

You will be very careful.

This step can be damaging if you do not execute it carefully.

Also, you can put hot water again in the dent by hammering it out.

The hot water will make the dented area softer and easier to repair.

I hope this step will be very successful.

If not, do not worry.

I have this last step that can fix your problems.


Step #4. The last alternative

This step will be your last effort in repairing the dent of your truck bed.

Go to the nearest hardware store and ask for a dent puller.

dent puller, or paintless dent remover, is an eco-friendly repairing tool.

Restores the original state of the damaged part of your car.

This tool is a time-saving and feasible method to repair any dents on your truck or car.

Regardless, the method works when you drill a small hole in the center of the damaged dent on your truck bed.

Then, insert the dent puller.

Next, extend the arms of the dent puller and carefully pull it back.

This tool will bring back the dent to its original position.

However, using this step can leave a small hole in your truck bed.

I recommend flattening it out or cover it with the same color as your truck bed.

I hope this fixed your problem.

If not, I strongly recommend you to go to a service shop and let them repair the dent professionally.


Truck Bed Essentials For You!

Now, you already finished fixing the dent of your truck.

Here are some essentials that I can recommend in making your truck bed better.


Essential #1. Cargo net

This net makes your things at the back safer and secured from falling down the truck bed.


Essential #2. Tonneau cover

This slide cover makes your cargo protected from rain and other dangers.


Essential #3. Tailgate protector

The truck’s tailgate can be blemish with scratches.

A tailgate protector will be your safest choice.


Finishing Things Up!

Great! You already know how to get a dent out of a truck bed.

Next, you need to gather a clean cloth, water, bathroom plunger, rubber hammer, and a drill.

Then, water the dent down, plunge it out, hammer it down, and drill it carefully with the dent puller.

You will need to be careful in doing these steps to avoid any damages to your loved truck.

I also gave you some truck essentials that might help you in the future.

So, if you need something to read about truck beds, go here.

I hope you found this article helpful.

If so, share it with your friends.

Thank you very much for reading!

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