How To Gather Addresses For Wedding: 2 Easy Ways

If you want to know how to gather addresses for wedding, you can do so online and via forms. It’s always helpful to learn how to ask for addresses for wedding, so you can send the invitations correctly and avoid errors in your guests’ headcount. 

However, knowing how to collect addresses for a wedding is only the beginning. Here is how much is postage for wedding invitations to set your budget accordingly. 

how to gather addresses for wedding


Here Are Ways On How To Gather Addresses For Wedding: Collect Addresses Easily And Stress-Free!


Method 1. Collect addresses online

  • The easiest way to collect addresses for your wedding is online
  • The first and most straightforward way to collect the address of each of your guests is by sending an email for the link to gather the addresses
  • If you or some of your guests don’t have an email address, they likely have a social media account; regardless of their age, most people should know how to use their Facebook messenger; you can also use an event page or a wall post if some relatives are unfamiliar with online navigation
  • You can also contact someone close to the guest you’re inviting to help that person view and fill the link for your address form; it might be more convenient if they’re living in the same household
  • If guests are worried about their information, reassure them that no one else can view your online address book when gathering their addresses


Method 2. Use a form for the guests’ mailing addresses

  • An alternative to the online approach is to get your guest’s addresses with a form 
  • Prepare an address collecting form that the wedding guests can fill out; this will ensure that the addresses you’ll get are up to date
  • Since your wedding guests are likely from different places, group them based on their work or hometown, then assign a relative or friend to have the address collecting form completed
  • Just make sure that with this approach, you have already talked with your partner regarding who you truly want to invite; a relative or friend seeing a form passed around and they’re not included will lead to awkward moments
  • You can then call or text a specific guest if you can’t decipher their handwriting or task someone that lives close to them or work with them to get their address 


How Do You Organize Wedding Guest List And Addresses?

Gathering addresses for the wedding is only the tip of the iceberg. Your next task is to organize the information you collected, so it will be easy to manage the guest list. 

The easiest way to organize the wedding guest list and addresses is Microsoft Excel. Do not feel overwhelmed because even if you’re not used to this software, it’s self-explanatory as you fill the cells. 

  1. Open Microsoft Excel and name the document as your guest list
  2. Resize each column and name them for organizing the information
  3. Your columns should start with the guest’s name, address, contact number, and email address
  4. You can add other columns that may help you when talking to your wedding vendors regarding the guests such as their dietary restrictions 
  5. Some other useful columns to add is if the guest have sent their RSVP and the number of guests coming from their household
  6. Feel free to fill up this document throughout the wedding planning process
  7. You can even use this sheet to remind you if you’ve sent the guest their thank you card after the wedding

But if you don’t know how many people should I invite to my wedding, we recommend reading our guide, so you won’t be overwhelmed with the guest size. 


How Do You Write Addresses For Venues?

You must state the venue address on your wedding invitations correctly. For example, put the city, state, and specific address for the location of your wedding ceremony and reception if the two will be held in different places. 

If you have different wedding events in multiple venues, you will dedicate an information card for each. This way, you can also indicate the time and place for each event, and the guests won’t be confused. 

If it’s a destination wedding, you can also include a map of their accommodation to your wedding venue. You can screenshot from Google Maps or make a simple but easy-to-decipher map with landmarks to guide your guests. 


Who Should Be The Return Address On A Wedding Invitation?

Anyone can be the return address for the wedding invitations but select a person you know will be responsible for handling the returned wedding invitations. It can be the bride, groom, parent, sibling, or close friend. 

Traditionally, whoever hosts the wedding will be the return address of the wedding invitations. Therefore, it can be the home of the bride’s parents.


Is It Okay To Put A Return Address On The Back Of An Envelope?

The best place to put the return address is the back flap of the envelope. This will be convenient because it’s easier to see, and the mail can be returned without issues. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to gather addresses for wedding by using the internet or going through the old-fashioned route and handling forms to fill out. 

Just double-check each address, and don’t be afraid to contact the guest if you’re unsure. Then, organize the information to make your guest list easier to use for invites and more. 

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