How to Fold Up Baby Trend Jogging Stroller

This article will teach you How to Fold Up Baby Trend Jogging Stroller so they can be stored easily in your home without taking up too much space!

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller is a great, reliable stroller for the price. Whether you’re looking to take it on hikes or just use it around town, this stroller has all of the features that make it an ideal purchase.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller

While there are many benefits to this particular type of Stoller, one downside is that it cannot be folded up and stored in your trunk like most other types of children’s gear. 


Steps on How to Fold Up a Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller

Step 1. Unsnap the canopy and unfold the stroller first. Once unfolded, pull up all four sides of the fabric on each side by holding onto a strap that can be found in between two front wheels of the jogging stroller.

Step 2. To unlock both brakes, push down with your feet while applying pressure to one brake at a time until it clicks into place. Make sure you do not step forward or backwards when doing this because if there is enough space for someone’s foot to fit underneath any part of your double jogging stroller then you will have just disengaged safety brakes! You should also keep children away from these areas so they don’t get pinched or injured during the process as well.

Step 3. Be sure that the front wheel of your Baby Trend Navigator is in an upright position, and then go ahead and step on stabilizing bars. Push down with both feet until you hear a click from each side. You should feel some resistance when using this method since it will be locking brake pads into place which helps protect people/animals from being injured by jogging stroller’s moving parts!

If done correctly, all four brakes will have been engaged at this point as well as one side folded up so there are no longer any open sides to your double jogger! Follow the same steps for folding the other three sides up if needed or desired before putting away either the back seat or standing board (if applicable ).

Step 4. Pull up on the centre of your jogger’s canopy to disengage all locks. If you have a Swagman stand that came with your jogger, simply pull down and out/ away from the stroller until it becomes detached before folding it back into its original position inside of the front wheel well or where ever else is convenient for storage purposes.

When storing standing board in a folded position be sure that the rubber grips are facing downward when stored vertically which will prevent damage to boards’ non-slip surface*


How to fold up a Graco Aire360 stroller

Step 1. Push in on the release button located on either side of your stroller frame.

Step 2. Once released, lift each hand rest and fold down the stroller’s back wheels to disengage all locks holding front wheel assembly in place. Pull upwards/outwards simultaneously on both sides of the front wheel assembly until it completely detaches from the stroller frame.

Step 3. Once disconnected, bring the front wheel forward and push down on its release buttons located at either side of the undercarriage which will also disengage the lock holding wheels in place. Fold up the handlebar (if applicable) to make your folded product more compact before storing or transporting it.


How to collapse a Baby Trend 4 wheel stroller

Step 1. Hold onto the handlebar of your Baby Trend stroller with one hand and push down on the canopy’s release button–located at the back top centre of the jogger’s canopy, to disengage all locks.

Step 2.  Grip both sides/handles (depending which side is up) on front leg support frame where child tray attaches—underneath plastic footrest area–and pull upward as you flex forward slightly while lifting rear bottom straight off from ground surface momentarily until front legs snap into place in a collapsed position; this will cause stroller seat base to shift backwards slowly towards axle due to force created by the collapsing process.

Step 3. Grab each side/handle again and fold the entire stroller over flat which will allow for the child stroller tray area to rest on the bottom front leg where you just disengaged the locks and allow for bars/legs of rear axle to snap into place—this action will cause seatback frame bar below child’s head should touch or nearly contact top edge of parent handlebar.

Step 4. Make sure all poles are snapped in properly as well, if not lift slightly with one hand underneath each pole until it snaps into place–once this is done test out by attempting to shake the stroller from side-to-side without causing anything else but wheels themselves (not footrests) moving; if everything moves freely then your jogger is now compact enough for easy storage or transportation via trunk space or inside a vehicle.


Difference Between Sit and Stand and Umbrella Strollers

Sit and Stand: This baby stroller comes with a bench in the front for an infant to sit on while another child can stand behind it, either facing forward or backwards depending on what design you choose. It’s great because if one baby falls asleep, simply take them out of their seat and let them rest without disturbing the other baby who is still active!

Umbrella Strollers: These are some of the lightest baby strollers available which makes them perfect for taking places when you won’t have much room to store your baby gear such as outdoors at city parks where people often picnic near playgrounds that don’t offer very good seating opportunities. They’re also easy to fold up so they can be stored

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