How to Fold the UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet

How to fold the UPPAbaby Vista bassinet is a question that parents often ask themselves. The process of folding it up and putting it away can be hard for some people as they’re not sure exactly how to do this with such an advanced stroller system.

There are many different ways you could go about doing this, but we recommend following these steps:

How to fold the UPPAbaby Vista bassinet

Step 1. First, lift on the handlebar so that your child will rise off the ground slightly and then grab hold on both sides of the buggy’s frame near where your baby sit would normally be located. Next, take two fingers and insert them into each side of the metal bar which runs through wheels at either end. Finally, squeeze those bars together until you hear a click and the buggy should easily fold up.

Step 2. Once you have completed this process, simply grab hold on handles at either end of folded stroller’s frame. You can then lift it up off the ground to give yourself some extra room for walking around freely or you could also roll it along behind you with these same hands by pushing simultaneously on each handlebar in front of your body.

Step 3. Do not pull hard enough that they are bent back more than 90 degrees as this will cause them to snap which would be extremely dangerous if done while the baby was still sitting inside of their seat where there is nothing protecting them from snapping plastic parts!

Step 4. Once rolled away make sure both wheels are facing forward before letting go so that it’s easier to push along next time without the handlebars being bent back.

If you are using an old stroller with the single wheel at the front make sure that it is facing forward before letting go of the baby or you could fall on your face! Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with something as precious as a new born baby.

Once rolled backwards until both wheels touch and they will spring right up off the ground allowing for easy extraction (again, DO NOT pull hard enough that they come straight out).

What kind of storage does this stroller have?

The City Select Double has a mesh basket underneath each seat which allows for ample space for all kinds of items such as diapers, blankets or anything else that you want to bring along while pushing your children around!

It also comes complete with two cup holders, allowing parents to keep drinks within reach at all times during an outing. There are even more pockets available throughout the stroller for keeping items close at hand.

In addition to the mesh basket underneath each seat, there is a storage compartment below the frame which can be used as extra space or you can purchase an organizer accessory that attaches to it!

You may also choose from additional accessories such as a parent console and child tray table with a cup holder – perfect for snacks on-the-go! The City Select Double Stroller even comes complete with two rain covers – one for each seating area. This way you’ll always have a dry ride no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature has in store.


How do I know if my baby is comfortable?

The main thing to look for when considering the comfort of your child while lying down in a bed is their head and neck position, and especially whether they can hold it up on their own or not (which you should expect them to at this age). If the pillow that comes with the bassinet is too high then try folding one end over until it feels right.

And remember babies like things snug so another way to make sure your child’s head isn’t falling through space between mattress and bars would be piling some extra blankets around him/her before closing off entrances again. Your little one will let you know what works best by staying relaxed!



How long should the mattress last?

The life span of an infant’s mattress isn’t something that gets talked much about as oftentimes what happens is parents purchase another stroller once they outgrow one because buying a new one is more cost-effective than buying a bigger mattress. However, it’s best to try and keep your infant on the same mattress as long as possible so that there isn’t any disruption in their sleep pattern which could potentially change their behaviour.

This means for most parents they will want to invest in a standard crib size mattress instead of going with something smaller until an older child can fit into a toddler bed because this added expense usually doesn’t outweigh saving money by buying multiple car seats or strollers over time. This might mean you’ll have spent around $50-100 dollars extra initially but if you plan to buy another stroller after six months then it will be worth spending this much upfront now!



I have hope reading through this article, you have learnt How to Fold the UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet. The steps are easy and simple to follow.

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