2 Easy Steps And Extra Tips On How To Fold Graco High Chair

If you want to know how to fold Graco high chair, this guide is for you. Don’t waste your time folding a chair instead of spending quality time with your baby. Plus, we included tips and reminders on how to make your baby’s high chair experience a memorable one.

As a parent, it is an edge if you know more about what is good for your baby. You don’t have to settle for less. You can use this article as a guide to rearrange things at a quicker pace.

how to fold graco high chair


Steps On Folding Your High Chair


Step #1. Preparation

Before doing anything on your Graco high chair, you must first read the instruction manual. Familiarize yourself with the different parts and functions of the high chair. Make sure that all of the pieces are in the right place.


Step #2. Folding

Assuming that you have already eliminated the unnecessary items in the chair, you can start folding. First, position yourself at the back of the Graco high chair. Locate the lever on each side and press it.

Now that you are pressing the lever make sure that one of your feet is stepping at the chair’s back leg. It will prevent the high chair from slipping or falling when sliding the front leg towards you. However, this may be optional since there are chair releases that contain rubber matting on the end of each leg.

As you do this, you will notice how the baby chair and other segments of the high chair are starting to fold and compress to one another. All parts will eventually be located on the same side as the back leg. If you have arrived at this kind of result, you may stop pressing the lever.


Things To Remember Before Folding Your High Chair

Other than removing your baby from the high chair, you also need to take note of these things before you start folding it. This is to make sure that you will do the task with ease and efficiency. You don’t want anything getting in the way of the entire process, or worse, ruining the high chair altogether.


Remove the tray

You already know that there are different versions of a high chair. Check the instruction manual if it says that the tray is removable or not. Some Graco high chair folds together with the tray, while others require detaching the tray.

If its guide entails that you remove the tray, make sure you follow the correct procedure. You don’t want to break the tray.

For Graco high chair trays, you must gently press the buttons on each side where the tray is attached. Make sure you squeeze those buttons simultaneously. Move or shake the tray a bit to become loose and free from the high chair itself.


Clean the high chair

The high chair is where your child starts to learn how to eat. Thus, expect a messy and stain-filled tray and high chair. For hygienic purposes and to maintain the quality of the chair, make sure you clean and sanitize the chair before storing it.

Recheck the instruction manual to determine what time of cleaning detergent or soap you should use for the chair. Lastly, remember to wash it off and keep it dry before storing it.


What Should You Look For When Buying A High Chair? 

Having the right high chair is an investment for your child. You do not want your baby’s safety to be compromised while they are having a feast. Here’s what you should consider when you are trying to purchase a high chair for your little one:



The chair should have the capacity to carry the weight of the baby until they become a toddler.


Large or adjustable seat

Remember that babies have different sizes, and they ought to grow up.



Check whether the chair won’t easily trip or slide once your child is sitting. It must be stable and intact.


What Should You Do When Your Baby Hates Sitting On A High Chair? 

For your child to be fond of sitting on a high chair, make sure that you prepare an exciting and colorful meal. Remember that they are still learning, so you cannot expect much from them, and that’s okay.

You also have to take note of your child’s comfort when eating. That is why choosing the right high chair for your baby is given much emphasis in this article. Eating is supposed to be fun for toddlers.

Make sure that they are comfortable with the size of their chair. While sitting, the babies must also feel free from grabbing and licking the meals in front of them.



Taking good care of a baby is a challenge for a parent. That is why it is essential that you know how to fold Graco high chair to make your parenthood a lot more bearable and convenient. You and your child deserve better, and this guide is one step for you to achieve that perfect lifestyle.

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