How to Fold Curtains? 4 Easy Steps!

Folding curtains is a simple and easy task that you can do in your spare time. It’s also the best way to save space when storing them. If you are looking for how to fold curtains, then this blog post will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fold curtains the perfect way every single time!


how to fold curtains

Steps on How to Fold Curtains

Step #1. Add a rod to the center of your curtain. This will help you keep them together and make folding easier. Place one side of the curtain over the rod, then fold it in half so that both halves are overlapping each other on top of the rod.

Take hold of one end and pull it over itself until it reaches halfway across its width. Take the other end of the curtain and pull it over itself halfway across its width.

Step #2. You should now have two overlapping sections, one on top of another.

Step #3. Take hold of both ends so that you are holding them at right angles to each other in between your palms with fingers pointing toward your body. This will create a crease line.

Step #4. Fold the top section of the curtain over itself and then pull both sections towards each other, so they meet in the middle, forming a rectangle shape with unfolded edges on all four sides.
Step #5. Press down to smooth out any remaining creases before you move on to folding the bottom half of your curtain.


Importance of Folding Curtains

  • Folding your curtains will keep them in better condition. If you leave them straightened out, they can get caught on other items and be pulled down or damaged.
  • The fabric of the curtain may also stretch over time if it is not folded regularly. This could make your curtain hang unevenly and cause a safety hazard to anyone near it.
  • Folding your curtains will also help keep them clean by preventing dust and debris from collecting on the fabric surface.
  • When you fold your curtain, all of the folds should line up with each other to create a symmetrical look. This provides for more attractive draping when hanging as well as making it easier to store.
  • Lastly, folding your curtains will save you time when it comes to cleaning them. You can fold the curtain in half and then hang it on a rod or hook for storage without taking up much space.
  • You could also use a towel rack with clips attached to hold multiple pieces of fabric.


What are Folding Curtains?

Folding curtains is a method of storing the curtains after they have been taken down. The best way to fold and store your cloth panels depends on how you will be storing them, so there are multiple options depending on where you need to put up or take down your drapes every day.

If folding in half:

Hang the curtain on a rod or hook.

If folding in thirds:

Fold vertically and then fold horizontally to create six equal sections of fabric. Hang by slipping onto hooks, rods, or rings; you can also hang three layers at once if there is an empty wall space.

If folding into fourths:

Divide into four vertical sections and fold each section inward to create eight equal sections of fabric. Hang by slipping onto hooks, rods, or rings; you can also hang four layers at once if there is an empty wall space.


Do I Need to Wash Folded Curtain?

Yes, you should wash the curtains after they have been folded!


Should I Fold my Drapes Every day?

It’s not necessary for you to fold your curtains every day; however, it will help them last longer and stay looking their best if they are folded regularly.


Should I use a Fabric Softener When Folding Curtains?

It is not necessary to use a fabric softener with every fold or hang of your curtains. Still, it can help them stay looking their best and smelling fresh if you choose to sprinkle some in the dryer. It will also make sure that they’re not static-y.


In the Dryer or on a hanger?

When it comes to folding your curtains, there’s no “one right way.” As long as they are folded neatly and stacked into each other in an organized fashion, you’re good to go! If you choose to hang up your drapes after they’re dry, be sure to use a clothes hanger or some rod. Hanging them by the hems will stretch out the fabric and create more wrinkles in the long run.

Some people prefer folding their curtains when they’re still warm from hanging on a clothesline outside–again, as long as it’s neat and organized!


Can I Machine Wash Folded Curtains?

Yes, you can machine wash your curtains that have already been folded! As long as they’re not soiled or excessively dirty, it’s totally fine to give them a spin in the washer.

Just use some light detergent and follow the instructions on how to do a load of laundry (this will vary by size of the load). Make sure to use a gentle cycle and not tumble dry.