How To Fold Cosco High Chair In 3 Easy Steps

Knowing how to fold Cosco high chair correctly is essential, especially when you have a baby. A Cosco high chair is helpful for parents with babies at home and even when traveling.

If you have any difficulties with how you will fold and store your Cosco high chair properly, worry no more! Instead, continue reading this article as we guide you on how to fold up your baby’s most favorite place to eat.


how to fold cosco high chair

How To Put Away Cosco’s High Chair Easily


Step #1. Pull the tray off

Most Cosco high chairs usually have trays on them. It is where your baby eats most of the time.

To start with, you should remove the tray before folding the high chair. To do so, you need to find its side buttons first outside the railings of the seat.

Use your fingers from both of your hands to push the side buttons simultaneously. Notice that there will be a ‘click’ sound once you press the buttons.

Carefully slide the tray forward to remove it from the chair. After removing it, keep the tray aside for the meantime because you will need to store it with the chair later.


Step #2. Fold the high chair

In folding the Cosco high chair, you will first need to stand behind it. Folding it will be a lot easier in this way.

Find the latch triggers at the back of the seat’s railings. Place your fingers on the slight indentation the triggers have.

Pull the latch triggers upward until you can hear the ‘click’ sound. After doing so, you can now fold the high chair up. Next, release the triggers and slowly rotate the body of the high chair until it meets its legs.

Again, use both of your hands to hold it all together to avoid difficulties. Using only one of your hands will probably lead to the folded chair falling back open again.


Step #3. Keep the folded high chair

Finally, you need to store it properly. Get the tray you set aside earlier and find the safest place to keep the Cosco high chair.

Keep in mind that you should keep the tray together with the folded high chair to avoid losing it. Also, it would be best to put the folded high chair in a narrow space so it would not fall back open.


How To Clean Cosco High Chair Before Folding It

Babies are usually messy eaters. Since they are still starting to learn how to eat independently, they often get dirty and mess the whole place up!

However, cleaning your Cosco high chair before folding it should not be complicated. The following are some easy steps on how to clean it before storing it in a safe place.


The tray and the seat

First, you need to brush the dust off the tray and the seat. You should make sure to clean off any spilled food, drinks, or junk on the Cosco high chair.

Get a damp cloth to wipe the surface. Only use water when you are going to wipe it every day. However, use water with soap if you are going to sanitize the high chair.

Remember that you should never put any parts of the chair on the dishwasher or washing machine because it will cause damage.


The legs, railings, and other parts

Just like cleaning the tray and the seat, use a damp cloth to wipe it thoroughly. If there is hard food stuck on it, use a scrubber to remove it.

Periodically sanitize your high chair to ensure safety. Never use bleach in wiping the other parts of your high chair, especially when it is wood and fabric.


Drying the parts of the high chair

In drying the Cosco high chair, you should use a dry cloth to wipe it. Never leave the chair to dry on its own.

Parents should make sure that their Cosco high chairs are completely clean. In addition, they should monitor it periodically and disinfect it.

Having a clean place to eat is essential for babies. Otherwise, it will be dangerous to their health.


Things To Remember When Folding Cosco High Chair

One of the best features a Cosco high chair possesses is its security and safety. With that, folding it should also be in a safe way.

  • Do not fold near your child because fingers may get stuck in between railings
  • Never place near the stairs to reduce the risk of falling
  • Keep the parts all together to avoid losing them
  • Never lift or move the chair with child in it



Having a fun and safe place to eat for your baby is one of the most critical things in a household. A Cosco high chair may be the solution to serve your baby the most delicious meal in his/her most comfortable seat.

However, knowing how to fold Cosco high chair properly matters the most. In this way, you can take care of your high chair and spend more time eating happily with your baby.

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